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Prime Minister Bennett Warns Israelis in Ukraine

Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett (Source: Government Press Office (Israel)/Wikimedia Commons)

Naftali Bennett is Israel’s first Orthodox prime minister. He wears a kippah, keeps kosher, and observes the Sabbath (he does not work from Friday evening to Saturday evening). Therefore, it is unusual that Bennett called Foreign Minister Yair Lapid and other national security officials to a special meeting this past Saturday and indicative of the urgency of the request. They discussed the evacuation of Israelis in Ukraine and urged all Israeli citizens to leave Ukraine immediately.

There are approximately 15,000 Israelis in Ukraine now. On Friday, Israel announced that it would evacuate all Israeli diplomats and their families. Israel also issued a travel warning against flying to the Ukraine. Moreover, Israel’s embassy expects that many in the Ukrainian Jewish community might want to make Aliyah (apply for Israeli citizenship). There are an estimated 200,000 Jewish people in Ukraine.

Please pray for peace and stability for both Ukraine and Russia.

Israel Confirms New Attorney General

Israel has welcomed its first female attorney general, Gali Baharav-Miara. She will take over the work from Avichai Mendelblit, who served as attorney general until last month. During her army service, Baharav-Miara served in an elite intelligence unit. She later graduated with distinction from Tel Aviv University with both her undergraduate and master’s degrees.

Baharav-Miara worked for thirty years in the civil division of the State Prosecutor’s office, where she quickly advanced in rank. Most recently, she has been working in a prestigious Tel Aviv law firm. Although her lack of experience in criminal law caused some concern, her endorsement by Justice Minister Gidon Sa’ar and Prime Minister Naftali Bennet led to her confirmation by Israel’s cabinet last Monday.

Please pray that Israel’s new attorney general will be wise, fair, and just in her decisions.

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Israel Plans to Lower Cost of Living

Haifa, Israel (Source: Levi Meir Clancy/Unsplash)

The cost of living in Israel has soared this year, as it has in many countries. Rising prices have angered many Israelis who are still recovering from the pandemic’s economic effects. So, Israel is creating measures to help make expenses more reasonable. Prime Minister Bennett, Finance Minister Avigdor Liberman, and Economy Minister Barbivai introduced a $1.3 billion plan. This move will give tax breaks to families and cut customs fees for many imported goods. These changes would save the average Israeli family $3,270 a year.

Please pray for those who are struggling to put healthy meals on the table and pay the bills, like electricity and gas.

Prayer for Our Friends in Ukraine

A street in Kiev, Ukraine (Source: olgakonovalenko90/Pixabay)

Many of those to whom we minister have family and friends in Ukraine. Please pray for their wellbeing and safety. There are many Jewish not-yet-believers in our ministry circles of Russian and Ukrainian descent, so this is an excellent opportunity to share the hope and peace we find in Jesus, despite the uncertainty.

We look forward to praying with and encouraging those who are worried. God knows people’s hearts and their need for comfort.

Pray for Israelis who are concerned about their family and friends in Ukraine.