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Terrorist Attack in Elad

As Israel’s Independence Day drew to a close on Thursday night, another terror attack occurred in the central Israeli city of Elad. Two terrorists from the West Bank murdered three Israeli men. They wounded three others who remain in the hospital in serious condition. The Israeli police and military immediately launched a massive hunt to find the attackers. The investigative force included 800 members. They used several methods like helicopters, drones, and tracking dogs.

After sixty-two hours, officials tracked down and arrested both terrorists. In the search, they discovered a trail of blood and abandoned bank notes. These clues led to their finding the two men hiding in bushes. One of the suspects confessed to committing the murders. The police are still investigating how they got to Elad from the West Bank.

Please pray for the families who are mourning the sudden and tragic death of their husbands, fathers, and friends.

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Israel Opens World’s Most Secure Blood Bank

Magen David Adom logo (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Israel’s Magen David Adom (Red Cross) has opened the world’s most secure blood bank. The country’s blood supply is a strategic asset with the potential to save many lives. The new 135-million-dollar facility will protect blood and the staff who process it from terrorism, chemical warfare, biological threats, cyberattacks, and earthquakes.  Most of the building is underground. Constructing this facility required 11,000 tons of steel and took four years to complete. It will process and store almost all of Israel’s blood donations for both civilians and the military.

The old facility was above ground. So, during rocket strikes from either the north or south, Magen David Adom had to stop processing blood and move the blood reserves into a bomb shelter. Now, staff will be able to safely process and store blood even under dangerous outside conditions. The new center also housed the Human Milk Bank, which will collect mothers’ milk to help ill and premature infants.

Praise God for this facility that will house and protect blood, which saves many lives in times of war or illness.

Ben Gurion Removes COVID-19 Testing

Ben Gurion Airport (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Vladislav Bezrukov)

COVID-19’s rate of infection and morbidity has decreased in Israel. So, starting on May 20, incoming travelers will no longer need to have a PCR test upon arrival at Ben Gurion Airport. Previously, travelers were required to pay or prepay for their tests and remain in quarantine until their results came back. This wait could have taken up to twelve hours. If they tested positive, they would need to quarantine for an extended period. Foreign citizens flying to Israel will also no longer need a PCR test to board their flight. They will only need to do an antigen test.

The minister of health and the prime minister have said they still have a plan that would allow for the quick implementation of COVID-19 testing at the airport if the need arises again. Israel is trying desperately to bring back tourism. This change makes it a little easier for tourists to return, as long as the rate of COVID-19 infection stays low.

Please continue to pray for continued decrease in the spread of COVID-19 and for health and security to return.

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A Long-Awaited Brunch

Bible study and coffee (Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Priscilla Du Preez)

Praise God, as things are slowly coming back to how they felt two years ago, we can see rejuvenation and a hop in people’s steps. As we desire to serve others, listen to them, and share with each one the good news we have in Jesus, we sense their need for a listening ear and loving attention. A ladies’ Bible study that had been meeting in person needed to move to Zoom in March 2020, which was the start of a vibrant online community.

When possible, the women’s Bible study met for monthly brunches in the park, but because of a long, cold, rainy winter and the omicron variant, they could not meet. Thankfully, we were able to have a brunch together this past Friday. This brunch was a wonderful reunion and great time of prayer and study together.

Praise God for allowing the little ways we serve our community to come back and for encouraging these women!