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Israel’s Elections—Netanyahu Remains as Head of Likud Party

Benjamin Netanyahu (Source:

Ahead of Israel’s November 1 elections, no one came forward to challenge former prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the role of leader of the Likud political party. As a result, Netanyahu will continue to lead Likud. He has been its leader for two sessions spanning more than twenty-three years and continuously since 2005. He has a deeply loyal base and is currently leading in the polls.

Please pray for Israel’s fair and democratic elections on November 1.

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World’s Largest Bone Marrow Bank

The Maccabiah Games take place in Israel every year. Here is a photo from 2013. (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Maor X)

At the recent Maccabiah Games in Israel, the athletes were asked to voluntarily be a part of the bone marrow bank by simply submitting saliva samples. Doing this would create the world’s largest bone marrow bank and make it simpler to find matches and potential donors. To date, the organization has matched and saved 4,400 lives. Prior to this effort, the Ezer Mizion bank was the largest registry for Jewish bone marrow donors and fifth in the world overall.

Praise God for this endeavor that might save the lives of those with cancer and other illnesses.

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Wonderful Archeological Discovery in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Robert Bye)

It was announced that during renovations and construction in Jerusalem’s Old City, a Second Temple era villa, mikveh (Jewish ritual bath), an aqueduct, oil lamps, and more were discovered.  In order to make disability access much easier near the Western Wall in the Old City, developers were installing an elevator. During the process, this tremendous find slowed down the construction project as archeologists were able to peel back accumulated layers of debris and sift through the dirt of this important discovery.

Praise God for these ancient discoveries of Jewish life and faith over 2,000 years ago.

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Israel Desperately Needs To Hire Teachers for the School System

(Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Dan Dimmock)

As Israel’s schools are set to reopen on September 1, the Education Ministry just released that Israeli schools will have almost 6,000 vacant spots for teachers. The shortage will be felt most in elementary schools, mainly in the center in the country. The city of Tel Aviv will feel it the worst with 1,847 teachers missing from the roster. The high cost of living in Tel Aviv does not match the teachers’ salaries, so many are leaving their positions or choosing not to work in Tel Aviv. The school year ended this past June with teacher’s strikes in order for the Teachers Union to raise the awareness of the need for better wages and working conditions. They could not reach an agreement then, and the Teachers Union wants the government and the opposition to solve the problems ahead of the coming elections.

Please pray for the Israeli school system that desperately needs to hire new teachers and provide better conditions for the teachers and children.

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Israeli Ministry in the Summer

Our Jerusalem Messianic Center

Please pray for our staff in Israel. Many are traveling outside the country for special summer ministry projects. Pray for their safety, health, and great opportunities to share about the Lord and to encourage other believers to share about Jesus the Jewish Messiah! Those who are in Israel are braving the hot, hot weather but also have encouraging stories of opportunities they had to share their testimonies with others. Just recently, a pastor from the United States met a man at a restaurant and shared about Jesus. The man took the pastor’s card, contacted him when he returned to America, and now the pastor has connected one of our staff with the Israeli man to continue the dialogue.

We pray for more of these opportunities!!