Inside Israel

Operations in West Bank Prevent Hundreds of Terror Attacks

According to declassified Israeli military intelligence, authorities have foiled more than 500 terror attacks this past year. The Israel Defense Forces arrested more than 2,500 terror suspects in the West Bank since March. This effort followed a season of vicious attacks, which killed thirty-one civilians and soldiers. Authorities also seized 250 weapons and $785,000 in cash intended for terror operations. The Israel Defense Forces reported at least 281 shooting attacks and other violence against Israelis, both civilians and soldiers, in the West Bank this year.

Last year, they only recorded ninety-one attacks. According to the Palestinian Authority, Israeli fire killed around 150 Palestinians. Israel’s military says many—though not all—died while attempting terrorism or resisting security forces during the raids.

Please pray for the safety and wisdom of the Israel Defense Forces as they seek to bring stability and safety to all who live in Israel.

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United States and Israel Hold Joint Aerial Drills

Last week, Israel and the United States Air Force held joint aerial drills over the Mediterranean Sea. The purpose was to simulate conflict with Iran and its neighboring terror groups. These exercises involved fighter jets and their refuelers. A couple of weeks ago, Israeli Defense Forces chief Aviv Kohavi visited the United States. He told American defense officials the two countries must prioritize joint plans for fighting again Iran. Tehran continues to claim its nuclear program is peaceful. Experts, however, warn the world that Iran has enough sufficiently enriched uranium to fuel at least one nuclear bomb.

Please pray the Israeli-American partnership will contribute to safety and peace in the Middle East.

Qatar Envoy Speaks to Hamas and Islamic Jihad in Gaza

During the World Cup Soccer Championship held in Qatar, a Qatari envoy asked Hamas not to fight with Israel during the event as it would escalate security tensions. Terror attacks against Israelis have recently increased. Terrorist factions in Gaza usually respond by sending rockets into Israel. Qatar supports Hamas, a terrorist group dedicated to destroying Israel. Though Qatar has no diplomatic ties with Israel, the country allowed Israelis to attend the soccer matches.

Meanwhile, on Saturday night, Hamas sent two rounds of rockets into Israeli territory. The Israel Defense Forces fired back in response. They hit a rocket production site and a terror attack tunnel. Hamas retaliated by firing anti-aircraft missiles on Israeli jets. Finally, Israeli forces targeted a Hamas military post.

Please pray there is no more escalation and tensions return to normal.

Egyptian Scarab Found on the Outskirts of Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv cityscape (Source: Shai Pal/Unsplash)

While on a school field trip near Tel Aviv, an eighth-grade class found a 3,000-year-old Egyptian amulet. As the class was learning about archeology, their tour guide passed by what looked like a green toy on the ground. He picked it up and immediately realized it was a scarab engraved with a picture of an Egyptian pharaoh. In the Late Bronze Age (1500–1000 bce), the Canaanite rulers lived—and sometimes rebelled—under Egyptian political and cultural rule. An Egyptian official may have dropped or buried it. After thousands of years, it has now come to the surface.

Praise God for pieces from biblical times resurfacing so we can remember the history, times, and people of the Bible.

Hanukkah Is Approaching!

Hanukkah begins in two weeks! This time of year is generally wonderfully bright and exciting. The children will have school off, light Hanukkah candles, eat jelly donuts, and there will be a sense of hope experienced by all. For Jewish people, it is a time to think of the Temple and how it was rededicated even during oppression and revolt. As believers, we rededicate our lives to the Lord with the hope and certainty He is our Light and Salvation, even during the darkest times.

During the Hanukkah season, we will have events for all ages and in different parts of the country. Even now, we are preparing for them and trust the Lord to bring those who need to hear this message of Hope—Yeshua is the Light of the World.

Please pray for the preparations our staff are making now and for those who will come to be encouraged in their faith or hear and understand the message of salvation. We look forward to updating you!