Jeffrey and Marlene Kran

In Memoriam

Shalom in the wonderful name of our Messiah Jesus.

I am writing to let you know that our dear brother, colleague and friend, Dr. Jeff Kran, passed into the presence of the Lord on December 17, 2021. His death was due to an extreme case of Covid pneumonia.

Jeff leaves behind his devoted wife of 36 years, Marlene, five children and a grandchild.

Jeff served faithfully and effectively with Chosen People Ministries. He graduated our Charles Feinberg program in Brooklyn and for many years actually commuted each week from Vermont to take his courses. He recently completed his Doctor of Ministry degree at the Talbot School of Theology in Apologetics, which has been a deep interest of Jeff’s for many years.

He served the Lord reaching both Jewish people and Muslims in the greater Phoenix area these past few years. Dr. Kran loved to teach the scriptures and did so with great preparation and a gentle spirit so those who needed mentoring always felt that he was a patient teacher and that they could come to him with questions at any moment.

Jeff’s family has been a great support in his ministry and so has the local church that embraced the Kran family. Jeff built good and godly relations with those around him and had a wonderful way of making sure people felt included in what he was doing for the Lord. I hope you have felt that way through the years and that your prayers and generous support reflects the love you had for Jeff and the love he had for you!

The Krans now face life without their beloved father and husband. I can tell you that Jeff was hard working and provided for his family, but soon they will not only miss Jeff’s joyous presence but also his income. Chosen People Ministries has given Marlene the funds in Jeff’s ministry account to help immediately.

I also realize you will want to support others serving the Lord among the Jewish people as I hope you will continue to give generously to Chosen People Ministries and allow us to find another missionary for you to support. I know you will pray about this in the days ahead.

Your continued support and prayer will honor Jeff’s memory and your heart’s desire to see Jewish people come to faith in the Messiah Jesus. I will keep you posted about caring for another one of our staff.

Until then, may I ask if you would consider giving a gift to help us support the Kran family for a number of months to make sure they get on their feet financially? Your gift of support today will go a long way! If you have further financial questions about the Kran family, do not hesitate to speak with Dave Lee, our Chief Financial Officer, at 212-223-2252.

This is a season of giving and I hope the Lord will touch your heart for this beautiful family and that you will be generous.

I am glad that Jeff is fully healed and in the presence of the Lord forever! And I appreciate your help in enabling us to care for the family who is left behind and grieving at this time.

May God bless and keep you in the new year,

Mitch Glaser