Jim Fox

serving in Boynton Beach

Jim Fox was born and raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn, New York. Although he was raised in a nominally Christian home, his first exposure to the Gospel as a young child was through Hilda Koser, a Chosen People Ministries missionary. Jim came to understand that Jesus was not only the Jewish Messiah but his Savior as well. He grew in his understanding of the scriptures as a teenager through the discipleship of Larry Feldman, another Chosen People missionary. After some time, during which Jim married his wife (a Jewish believer in her Messiah), he attended Dallas Theological Seminary graduating with a ThM in Pastoral Ministries.

Jim has previously served as a missionary with Chosen People Ministries. He has also been a
pastor for thirteen years in the New York area. He and his wife have ministered through music and also have a passion for biblical counseling and discipleship. His desire is to see churches grow in their burden for the salvation and spiritual growth of all, especially the Jewish people. Jim and his wife have now returned to the Chosen People Ministries staff and live and minister in south Florida, one of the largest Jewish populations in the world. Jim is involved in planting a local fellowship of believers committed to reaching out to the Jewish community as well as working with members of local churches to start a network of evangelistic Bible studies. They also share the gospel through other creative means being mindful of the community around them.