Joel and Julie Klayman

Area Representative
serving in Orlando, Florida

Joel grew up in Huntington, New York on the north side of Long Island. He is a third-generation Jewish believer. His parents, both children of Jewish missionaries, met in Brooklyn, New York during a mission meeting. Joel’s maternal grandmother, Clara Rubin, along with his grandfather, Joseph, served as missionaries on Long Island with Chosen People Ministries. Joel’s paternal grandfather, Martin Klayman, along with his grandmother, Pauline, also served as missionaries with Chosen People Ministries in North Miami Beach, Florida.

Because of his upbringing in a strong, Jewish believing home, Joel developed a love for God and His Word. Though Jewish outreach has always been a part of his life, it was after his second trip to Israel in 2019 that Joel realized the Lord was directing him and his wife, Julie, to be involved with Jewish evangelism and Chosen People Ministries. They both share a love for teaching God’s Word and leading Bible studies, and they desire to share the good news of Jesus the Messiah with Jewish people in the Orlando area where they have lived for the past nineteen years.

Joel and Julie will begin as volunteers leading a new monthly Messianic fellowship called Light of Israel—Orlando.  In addition, starting this summer, Joel will be pursuing a Master of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies. He is looking forward to deepening his knowledge and understanding of the Hebrew Scriptures, which will greatly enhance his role as both a teacher and missionary.

Joel loves to walk, swim, and spend time with his wife and their two daughters, Rachel and Leah—and, of course, their dog, Zelig, too!