Klaudia Zhelezny

serving in Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey

Klaudia is an immigrant from Kiev, Ukraine. She grew up as an atheist, yet realized that the Soviet government was morally and spiritually bankrupt. When her son turned 18, Klaudia and her family decided to move to America. However, the law obliged all young men of 18 to go into the Army so the emigration documents were held back. For the first time in her life, Klaudia called upon God for help. She prayed to Him even though she didn’t know Him. The family’s visas came through just in time!

From that time on, Klaudia became curious. She couldn’t sleep at night. It seemed impossible that there was a God, but His answer was so real! As the family passed through Italy on their way to America, they met a Baptist pastor, who was an American missionary. He gave them a Bible, and they heard for the first time that Jesus was the Jewish Messiah. Klaudia decided to read the Old Testament to find out if this was true. After studying for some time, she realized it was. Soon after that, her entire family came to America as believers in Jesus!

In 1997, Klaudia was invited to serve with Chosen People Ministries. Her ministry is in Brooklyn among Russian Jewish immigrants. She understands them because she is one of them. The Russian Jewish congregations she helped to plant in Brooklyn are active in evangelism and helping the immigrants in many ways. Klaudia is now serving at the Feinberg Messianic Center where they offer English classes and different cultural programs where the Bible is taught and the Gospel is proclaimed.