Peter and Rachel Shirokov

Branch Leader
serving in Atlanta, GA

Peter was born and raised in Siberia, Russia in an atheistic family typical of the Soviet era. Peter’s parents were divorced and he grew up not knowing his Jewish father and his heritage. No Christianity, Judaism or any other faith was acceptable and no one in his family seriously considered religion. In his teenage years Peter was very curious about God and in 1991 for the first time in his life Peter heard the gospel as missionaries from America shared their faith with him. He trusted Jesus as Messiah and his life was transformed forever.

In 1992 Peter felt called to ministry and moved to America. While pursuing a BA in Biblical Studies in Atlanta, Peter met Rachel and in 1995 they were married. Rachel professed her faith in Jesus when she was 11 years old. Although her parents were not Jewish,her family attended a local Messianic Congregation and she had the privilege of a Jewish education and upbringing. Once Peter finished college the couple decided to enter full-time ministry. After serving for a number of years among the Russian Jewish Community in Atlanta, Peter and Rachel moved to New York, where they aided the establishment of the Brooklyn Messianic Center and planted a Russian-speaking Messianic congregation. Their first son Simon was born in Brooklyn in 2007. While in New York, Peter finished his Master’s in Theology in 2010. The following year God blessed Peter and Rachel with twins (Gabriel and Susana) and the family relocated back to Atlanta. Today Rachel is a stay-at-home mom and Peter continues to work with Chosen People Ministries in the Greater Atlanta area where he leads a couple of small group fellowships in the Greater Atlanta area. He makes periodic ministry trips to New York, visiting and supporting the group he led in New Jersey and the Brooklyn congregation. Peter also embarks on occasional mission trips overseas and ministers across many US cities as time permits. Modern internet technology allows Peter to interact with, teach and disciple Russian Jews he meets from all over the world through weekly live video conferences, expanding his outreach far beyond Atlanta.

Peter’s Topics

      • Gentiles, Jews and Good News – Romans 11
      • Arab-Israeli Conflict – Ps. 83
      • Messiah in Passover – Exodus 6:6-7
      • Day of Atonement – Lev. 23
      • Feast of Weeks – Lev. 23
      • Fall Feast of Israel – Lev. 23
      • Jesus in Hanukkah – Jn. 10:22-24
      • My Journey to Belief – Rom 1:16
      • Israel in Prophecy – Mat. 24
      • Messiah in Old Testament – Hag. 3
      • Death of the Righteous One – Is. 53