serving in Israel

Robin grew up in a Jewish home in Brooklyn celebrating the Jewish holy days, keeping Kosher and attending Hebrew school.
She was always fascinated by the lives of Moses and Esther. On a visit home during her freshman year in College, she met a few Jewish people who believed Jesus to be the Messiah. Robin argued vehemently with them but some of the things they said continued to reverberate in her mind. A year later a family friend who was a Jewish believer asked if she could read a Bible passage to Robin. She agreed but insisted on only Tenach (Old Testament). As Isaiah 53 was read Robin got upset and said she was being disrespected. She thought the reading was from the New Testament because it was so clearly talking about Jesus. Her friend said, “Clearly that is the point.” Robin began looking at other prophecies of Messiah and it became clear that Yeshua/Jesus had fulfilled them and was the Messiah promised in the Jewish Scriptures. Shortly after this realization, she had an experience while being prayed for that confirmed what she had been reading. Robin then read the New Testament for the first time and was amazed to find it a Jewish book. Yeshua and His disciples were Jewish, celebrating the Jewish holy days and praising the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. This was big news and immediately Robin began to share the joy of finding the Messiah.

Robin became involved with student ministry on her campus. She used drama and creative outreaches to inspire fellow students to look at the Scriptures themselves. After graduation, she was called to University student ministry in Israel. There she worked with Israeli believers to create Bible study groups, outreaches, and informative book tables. Robin hosted many Shabbat dinners for students to gather and have a safe place to explore questions of faith and spirituality.

Robin is excited about Jewish ministry in Israel. She lives in Tel Aviv, the city with the largest Jewish population in the world. Robin says, “Every time I walk out the door there is an opportunity to share about Jesus with Jewish people.” It is an exciting time to be in ministry in Israel. God is doing something new and many young Israelis are searching and asking questions about the meaning of life, spirituality and interested in hearing more about Jesus.

Robin’s focus is sharing Messiah with Israelis. She supervises CPM’s Tel Aviv based staff team and leads outreach programs at the Tel Aviv area Messianic Center. She also leads CPMs short term outreach trips to India, South America, and New Zealand where there are many young Israeli travelers. After Israelis finish the army taking a gap year to travel to exotic destinations is common. It’s a time when people are open to dialog about spiritual matters. After these trips they return to Israel Robin continues to share Messiah with them and connect them to Bible studies and events where they can learn more. Robin is excited about reaching her people in relational and creative ways in this special Land.