Ryan and Jessica Karp

Midwest Regional Director
and Chicago Branch Leader
serving in Chicago, IL

Ryan is a Jewish follower of Jesus who is passionate about reaching his people with the gospel and equipping fellow believers to become engaged in sharing the grace and peace that only Yeshua (Jesus) can bring! Ryan says, “I love watching Jewish and Gentile believers come together to further the kingdom, especially when sharing a story of redemption with non-believing Jewish people.”

Since 2004, Ryan has served with Chosen People Ministries, a ministry dedicated to praying for, evangelizing, discipling, and serving the Jewish community and helping others to do the same. He has led several yearly mission trips including Outreach Israel, a short-term trip for college-aged students to reach Israelis and to assist indigenous ministries doing the same, and Shalom Brooklyn, a fast-paced outreach for any age to share the gospel with the Jewish people of New York City. Additionally, Ryan is regularly engaged on college campuses and innovating ways to help young Jewish people encounter Jesus. He endeavors to raise up young missionaries through training and creating internships. Ryan has a BA in Bible from Philadelphia Biblical University and a Master of Arts in Bible from Capitol Bible Seminary. He has planned the Muchan global conferences in Berlin, Krakow, Paris, Madrid, and Prague.

Ryan met his wife, Jessica, while both were working in Jewish missions, and she echoes his passion to reach Jewish people with the gospel. Jessica is also a doula, assisting women before, during, and after giving birth, and a fitness instructor. After working in Philadelphia, New York City, and Washington, D.C., Ryan now directs our work in Chicago, which includes Russian ministry, campus outreach, businessperson engagement, planting congregations, intermarried outreach, and more!

Ryan’s Topics

  • Christmas Through Jewish Eyes
  • Messiah in the Advent
  • Messiah in the Passover
  • The Great Omission in the Great Commission (Rom 9-11)
  • The Death, Resurrection and Ascension in the Old Testament
  • Why Bethlehem?
  • "To the Jew First!" What’s up with that? (Romans 1:16)
  • God’s Roadmap to Peace in the Middle East
  • Why Did He Have to Die?
  • The Gospel Through the Old Testament
  • The Joy of the Sabbath
  • Hanukkah and Jesus: Lights of the Season
  • God’s Plans for Israel