Sergey Brosov

Student Missionary
serving in Chicago, Illinois

Sergey was born in Ukraine, and at the age of six, he moved to Israel with his mom. During the early years of their time in Israel, Sergey’s mom met Yeshua through a Messianic congregation call Derekh Emet ve Ha Haim, which is Hebrew for “the way, the truth, and the life.”

When Sergey was twelve years old, his mom sent him to a children’s camp that was led by Chosen People Ministries—Israel. Sergey enjoyed these camps so much that he wanted to stay as long as he could, and he found it hard to go home and get back to “normal life.” It was not until he was sixteen years old that he realized the reason the camp felt so different from the outside world is because of the love he felt there—and that this love can only be shared by those who follow Yeshua. This led Sergey to accept Yeshua as his Savior and Messiah.

Like many other young Israeli men, at the age of twenty Sergey joined the Israel Defense Forces. However, instead of serving the standard three years, Sergey served for four years because of special circumstances. During his time serving in Israel’s navy, Sergey felt that he lost a lot of his faith, and he felt the loneliness that comes with being a Messianic believer.

Thankfully, God restored Sergey’s faith, and he began to serve with Chosen People Ministries. Years earlier, Sergey volunteered to help our staff member, Maxim, run the children’s camps leading sports games. He went on to lead teams and also helped our staff who minister to Holocaust survivors.

This past year, Sergey served in our college outreach program, House of Living Waters, where he and three other young, committed believers hosted Sabbath dinners, passed out tracts in the neighborhood surrounding New York University, and participated in campus ministry events.

In the summer of 2020, God opened the door for Sergey to study at Moody Bible Institute to receive his bachelor’s degree in Jewish studies. While he takes online classes, Sergey will also be helping the staff in our Brooklyn office, and he will continue sharing the gospel with Jewish people in New York.