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Giving Through Trusts

Trusts are formal legal arrangements designating a trustee to receive and hold legal title to property and administer the property according to your instructions. Trusts can arrange for any financial or administrative function. Trusts can be very simple, or they can be as complex as necessary to meet your various financial, charitable and personal goals. […]

Giving Through Wills and Bequests

A bequest is one of the most meaningful legacies you can provide for your family, friends, and Chosen People Ministries. Your bequest helps ensure that your wishes for the future of Jewish evangelism will be honored. We have been able to sustain many of today’s outreach programs due to the generosity and vision of our […]

Giving Memorial Gifts

Endowments and Memorials: The Gifts that Endure Chosen People Ministries is an organization dedicated to bringing the Gospel to Jewish people. What better way to pay tribute to someone that has touched your life and who loved the Lord and the Jewish people than through a memorial gift to Chosen People Ministries? Memorial gifts are […]