Autumn Starr

Autumn was born and raised in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Although her family occasionally attended church she lived a nominal Christian life. Thankfully along the way she encountered God’s grace through Believers she met at summer camp and her first undergraduate program at John Brown University in Arkansas. They challenged her towards true faith and demonstrated lives transformed by the Gospel.

After re-dedicating her life to Jesus with water immersion in 2008 she felt a call to share with others the new life she had experienced. From this initial desire the Lord called her to “go to Israel” where her eyes where opened to their need for salvation. As a Gentile she had never been taught about the significance of Jewish history and Jewish people and knew very little of the Old Testament. Through the study of Scripture and intentional research of Israel her perception of God was changed from “critical score-keeper” to “faithful father.” It is her passion to help others recognize the true character of God through his relationship with Israel.

Since her first trip to Israel in 2010 she has made annual trips with various groups to help facilitate a heart for Israel in those around her. Wanting to deepen her understanding of the Jewish people she switched her major from art to complete her bachelor’s degree in Jewish Studies at Moody Bible Institute. She looks forward to a life-time of service among the Jewish people wherever the Lord leads.