Ben and Bonnie Alpert

As a youth in a traditional Jewish home, Dr. Alpert demonstrated an early and intense interest in the Scriptures. Through his own study and the influence of a friend, Dr. Alpert came to the conclusion that Yeshua was the Messiah.

Dr. Alpert and his wife, Bonnie, entered seminary to begin preparing for a ministry of evangelism and Bible teaching to fulfill the calling of Acts 20:21. Through years of study, Dr. Alpert has developed a rare gift of being able to combine the teaching of Jewish history with the geography of Israel, to bring an accurate and unique insight to the serious student of Scripture.

Over the course of his ministry Dr. Alpert has served as the leader of several Messianic congregations and evangelical churches, and has also been the speaker and teacher on a number of television and radio programs, presenting the Bible from a Jewish perspective. He has also hosted more than 60 tours to the Land of Israel, helping believers “See Israel through Jewish Eyes.”

In his present position, Dr. Alpert serves the Lord as a Messianic Rabbi (Pastor). He and Bonnie have a vibrant and active ministry in South Florida, the fourth largest Jewish community in the United States.