BJ & Carissa Kerstetter

BJ grew up in Brazil and met Carissa, a Jewish believer, at New Tribes Bible Institute in Wisconsin. Impacted by their experiences as missionary kids, they both passionately desired to serve God in full time ministry. When they graduated Bible school and got married, they planned to be church planters in a remote jungle location; but after attending a conference on Jewish ministry in 2012, God redirected them by giving them a heart for the Jewish people.

They joined Chosen People Ministries in 2014, and have since traveled the globe sharing the gospel with Jewish people in Israel, Europe, South America, Chicago, New York, and now Virginia. Equipped with a degree in Jewish Studies from Moody Bible Institute, and a passion to share the gospel with Jewish people, BJ and Carissa are now mobilizing and recruiting young Christian adults into Jewish ministry.

Throughout the first few years in ministry, the Kerstetters have seen firsthand that God is beginning to lift the veil from the eyes of the Jewish people, so that they are coming to faith more rapidly than ever. In fact, there are more Jewish believers in Jesus today than ever before! But they are still an unreached people group, in desperate need to hear the Gospel. The harvest truly is plentiful, but the workers are so few. That is why BJ and Carissa are so excited about sharing what God is doing in the hearts and lives of Jewish people all over the world, and recruiting others to be a part of that work.

Along with their passion to share the truth of the Messiah with the Jewish people, BJ and Carissa also desire to encourage and educate other believers to love and to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy through living lives worth being jealous of and by proactively sharing with the Jewish people around them.

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  • Messiah in the Passover
  • Jesus in the Fall Feasts - Leviticus 23
  • God’s Heart for Jewish Missions - Romans 9-11
  • Gods Plan for Israel - Ezekiel 36-37