Brian and Liz Crawford

Missionary and Chosen People Answers Project Director
serving in Brooklyn, New York

Brian grew up in San Diego, CA in a loving evangelical Christian home. His parents instilled into Brian’s childhood a love for God and a passion for his Word. When he was 16, he had a radical experience of the grace of his Messiah, and he became born again. While in college, Brian visited Israel with his church. That 2005 trip opened his eyes to the need for Jewish evangelism. When he returned to California, he continued studying Structural Engineering, but his heart was stuck on getting the Gospel to Jewish people.

After three years of practice as an engineer, Brian joined the staff of Chosen People Ministries and moved to Brooklyn with his wife, Liz, in 2011. Both Brian and Liz began missions work among the 800,000+ Jewish people in Brooklyn while studying in seminary. Brian graduated with his Masters of Divinity in Messianic Jewish Studies in 2015. Now, his focus is on reaching Jewish people in the next great missions frontier – the Internet. He is thrilled to use his engineering mind, his love for computers, his passion for writing, his focus on apologetics, and his calling to Jewish people to build a new Messianic apologetics website: Chosen People Answers.

Brian serves as the project director and lead apologist for this new project. This evangelistic website is not yet published, but is currently under active construction.

In addition, Brian loves original language study, church history, eschatology, photography, soccer, and being a dad.