Help make Shalom New York happen!

Our fiscal year ends at midnight on June 30—and before we close the books on this fiscal year of ministry, we must provide for the $200,000 budget of Shalom New York.

This is our largest outreach in our 125-year history! The greater New York area is home to two million Jewish people and the largest concentration of Jewish people in the world.

125 volunteers and staff will be in New York City sharing Yeshua in powerful and effective ways with Jewish people! Just a few examples include:

  • A digital media campaign, offering our evangelistic book, Isaiah 53 Explained, and the opportunity to sign a petition against antisemitism
  • Reaching the New York area through intensified Facebook, Google, and YouTube ads
  • Promoting the more than eighty testimonies of Messianic Jews on our website
  • Showings of the Yiddish version of the JESUS film (thanks to the generosity of Cru, formerly Campus Crusade for Christ)
  • Volunteers to follow up with the Jewish people with whom we have made contact through these digital media campaigns

But we must meet the $200,000 budget goal before the end of our fiscal year— midnight on June 30. Please help with your most generous online donation now. Thank you!