Igor and Vita Swiderski

Igor and Vita were born in the former Soviet Union to Jewish families, but grew up and met in Germany, to where their families had immigrated in the early 90s. They both came to faith in Jesus at a young age through the witness of their Gentile friends. Since then, their passion for the Lord has increased, and the Lord has placed a special calling for Jewish ministry on their hearts. As part of a Messianic congregation in Dusseldorf, Germany, planted by Igor’s family, Igor and Vita were constantly involved in ministry, such as evangelism, teaching, preaching and developing a thriving youth ministry. In response to the Lord’s call in their lives to minister among the Jewish people in Germany, Igor and Vita embarked on a season of theological training in the USA. They both have received BA degrees from Moody Bible Institute in Chicago (Igor majored in Jewish studies, and Vita in Precounseling), as well as Masters Degrees from Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, Deerfield. (Igor graduated with a Masters of Divinity as well as Masters of Theology in Old Testament Studies, and Vita received a Masters of Arts in Counseling/Psychology). During this time Igor and Vita were passionately involved in a new Messianic Congregational Plant in the Chicagoland area and became dedicated parents to their two daughters, Rosalie and Sophie. Igor and Vita are already the second generation of Swiderskis ministering with Chosen People Ministries.

In 2013 they returned to Germany, where the Lord led them to plant a new Messianic Congregation in the city of Munich, Bavaria which has the second largest Jewish population in Germany. Igor and Vita love bringing the Jewish Messiah Jesus to His unreached Jewish people and investing themselves in the lives of others. Their vision is to help the movement of Messianic Jewish believers in Germany and surrounding Europe to grow by providing a deeper theological grounding to believers and assist in the planting of more Messianic congregations.