Israeli High School Students Place First

The winning robot (Credit: Public Relations)

This week, a team of Israeli high school students from Tel Aviv competed against 71 other international teams and won first place in a robotics competition in China. For this year’s challenge, each robot had several discs placed on the tournament field. Teams had to build a robot that would attack their opponent’s discs while defending their own. To be able to qualify for the finals, the Tel Aviv team built their robot in January and used it five times in competition, surviving each round. According to the tournament rules, however, after the first round, teams must merge with three other competing groups to proceed to the quarter-finals. These new, larger teams would remain together for the rest of the competition. Teams from New York, China, and Hawaii joined the Israelis to achieve first place. Please pray for these students, and others like them, to use their gifts and talents to help better their communities, countries, and the world.

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Shin Bet Stopped Terror Attacks Before They Happened

A bomb studded with pieces of metal that was created by a Hamas agent in Hebron for a planned terror attack in Jerusalem. The bomb was found and destroyed by Israeli forces in June 2019. (Source: Shin Bet)

Recently, a three-kilogram bomb, studded with metal ball bearings, was found in the home of a Palestine Polytechnic University student in Hebron. The 22-year-old turned over the device when he was arrested in June. Details are now being released following his indictment this week. The bomb maker had stored some of his explosive materials in the neighboring school, putting children at risk, too. According to the Shin Bet security service, a Hamas cell in Hebron planned to carry out attacks in Jerusalem. The cell operatives had been instructed to kidnap, shoot, and stab Israelis, buy more weapons, and recruit others to join them. The Hebron student was assisted by others and trained by agents of Hamas from the Gaza strip. Many of these co-conspirators have also been arrested. Please pray that more terror cells are identified and stopped before they get far in their plans to attack innocent people. Praise God this terror cell was found.

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Palestinian Man From the West Bank Receives Israeli Residency

Interior Minister Aryeh Deri praised the Palestinian man for his courageous actions. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

In July of 2016, a man from the West Bank, who wishes to remain anonymous, came to the aid of a rabbi and his family, who were the victims of a terror attack. Although the rabbi was killed in the shooting, his wife and two of his ten children were critically wounded in the attack. They survived as a result of this man’s help. After receiving death threats for providing aid, he received a temporary visa to live in Israel. This visa, which expired in August 2018, was not renewed. This week, however, he and his wife and son were awarded Israeli residency for his bravery and assistance in helping to save the rabbi’s wife and children. Praise God for people like this Palestinian man who values life over cause. Please pray that others would follow his example.

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Israel Trains for Natural Disaster

An Israeli Navi vessel (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The Israeli Navy, along with ten other foreign fleets, took part in a four-day exercise to ready themselves for a major earthquake. Israel is located on the Syrian-African rift, a fault line running from northern Syria to Mozambique. The last major earthquake was in 1927 and measured 6.2. Northern Israel, Jerusalem, and the Dead Sea are most prone to a major earthquake, which experts say Israel is ill-prepared for. The Israel Defense Force has taken this drill seriously, practicing the coordination of humanitarian aid, treatment of the wounded, and care for displaced people. Please pray for Israel’s protection against major earthquakes and for the preparedness of the IDF to assist.

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“Is the New Testament Antisemitic?” Debate in New York

Dr. Michael Brown (right) dialogues with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach (left) at the debate

On August 8, 2019, an historic debate took place between Dr. Michael Brown and Rabbi Shmuley Boteach on the topic of whether the New Testament is antisemitic. As was expected, the debate drew some attention from the Jewish community prior to the event. Since the event was sponsored by Chosen People Ministries, a part of the opposition claimed that the event was designed as an evangelistic opportunity to convert Jewish people to Christianity. The debate was very well attended, despite calls to avoid the event from the New York Jewish community. Even though the debate was scheduled during the Shalom New York evangelistic outreach, the intent of the evening was to create a dialogue that would bring Christian and Jewish people closer together through the opposition of antisemitism, which was a major theme of the outreach. You can see the entire debate by clicking Please pray for those who attended the debate or watched online, that those who know Messiah will be encouraged to stand against antisemitism, and that those who do not yet know Messiah will see the New Testament in a different light as a result of the discourse.

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