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Large Sink Holes in Israeli Urban Cities

Tel Aviv, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Dan Gold)

A large sinkhole recently opened up on a very busy road in Tel Aviv. This is the second occurrence in the region in just a short time, as another large sinkhole had appeared in Petah Tikva earlier this year. This is, unfortunately, an increasingly common urban phenomenon around the world. Fast urban development leads to the recession of ground water, which weakens the bedrock under large cities. The reasons for this are complex but include the building of underground infrastructures and over-pumping of underground aquifers for drinking, which causes the underground clay and sand, found in coastal cities, to sink. Other cities affected by this phenomenon include Bangkok, Shanghai, and Tangier Island in Virginia. Please pray for safety on Israel’s streets: from car accidents and from potential problems with infrastructure!

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Spain Gives Citizenship to Jews from 1492

Colombian Andres Villegas—a Catholic who has a Sephardic Jewish ancestor—looks into documents during an interview in Bogota (Source: YNet)

Since 2015, Spain has allowed Sephardic Jews who can present proof of their lineage to become Spanish nationals without giving up their current citizenship. The cutoff for submitting applications was this past Tuesday. Just hours after the deadline, the Justice Ministry reported that more than 132,000 people had submitted forms to receive citizenship, with the majority coming from Mexico, Colombia, and Venezuela. More than half of the total number of applications were submitted in the past month. There were about 300,000 Jews living in Spain in 1492 when the Spanish Empire was founded. Jewish people either had to convert to Catholicism or be expelled from the country. Many Jews settled elsewhere in the Mediterranean, Middle East, and North Africa. Today, Sephardim make up approximately a quarter of Israel’s population. Praise God that the Sephardim are being permitted to restore their ancestral roots after more than 500 years!

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Lieberman’s Coalition Unity Government Proposal

Avigdor Liberman (Source:

As promised, Avigdor Liberman, from the party known as Yisrael Beiteynu (Israel is our Home), has given his proposal for how to form a coalition unity government to President Rivlin. Both Likud and Kahol Lavan (Blue and White) need Liberman’s Knesset seats to build a majority and form a government, but he will not side with just one party, thus making him the “Kingmaker.” He wants a unity coalition government with just Kahol Lavan (Gantz/Lapid), Likud (Netanyahu), and his party. This would mean that both sides would have to dissolve their left and right blocs. Even more so, this would mean that Netanyahu’s strong affiliations with and promises to the ultra-Orthodox would have to be broken. Currently, the ultra-Orthodox benefit from funding for their projects and yeshivas, and their young people are not drafted into the military. This was one of the primary reasons that a government could not be formed following the April 2019 elections. Liberman, then and now, would require the laws to be changed to allow the drafting of the ultra-Orthodox. Meanwhile, under Liberman’s proposal, Netanyahu would be prime minister first in a two-year rotation with Gantz. If Prime Minister Netanyahu is indicted on any of the charges he is currently facing, he would pass the responsibility of the position to Gantz. Neither Likud nor Kahol Lavan have accepted this proposal. Please continue to keep Israel’s formation of a government in your prayers. There is a great deal of uncertainty, creating tense times while the people and country need stability.

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Remarkable Opportunity to Share about the Lord

Michael Zinn with Russian and Hebrew copies of Isaiah 53 Explained

Recently Michael Zinn, director of Chosen People Ministries-Israel, was contacted by the Garden Tomb to guide groups of Israeli Orthodox Jews arriving at the site. These groups are interested in going to “Christian” sites out of curiosity and a desire to learn history. The Garden Tomb is one of the possible locations where Jesus was buried. Even if it is not the actual site, the location is very peaceful—in the middle of a busy city landscape. There are caves where bodies were placed, and a stone rolled in front. Michael gave them the tour from a Jewish believer in Jesus’ perspective, in Hebrew, and he openly and passionately explained the gospel to them. It truly is amazing! Please pray for future opportunities to share about our risen Messiah at the Garden Tomb!