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A Unique Kibbutz in Northern Israel

A worker in Kibbutz Lavi’s carpentry factory. (Source: Screenshot/Channel 13 from Times of Israel)

A kibbutz in northern Israel has become the world’s top producer and exporter of hand-made wood furniture, intended for Jewish houses of worship. It has outfitted almost every synagogue in Israel and exported to more than 6,000 synagogues in 70 countries. According to the CEO of the furniture factory, it is possible that as many as 1 million people around the world are sitting in their chairs. They also produce arks—cabinets in which a synagogue can place their Torah scrolls. However, what makes this kibbutz unique are the people, most of whom settled on the kibbutz after being smuggled out of Europe to Israel during World War II as children. Many of them were orphaned, having lost their family in the Holocaust. They were rescued by the British  Kindertransport program, which brought children from mainland Europe by train to the United Kingdom. The kibbutz even recreated an interior of the Jaslo Synagogue in Poland, which was destroyed by the Nazis, for a synagogue in Toronto. Despite the devastation and hardship, these Holocaust survivors are a testament to God’s loving faithfulness in preserving His people, and giving hope to a new generation. Please pray for members of this kibbutz to hear the gospel!

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Prime Minister Returns Mandate to Form Government

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu (Source:

Recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu returned his mandate to form a government to President Rivlin. In the 28 days since the recent election, where his party won 32 seats (with 61 needed to form a coalition government), Netanyahu was unable to accomplish the task. As a result, for the first time in 10 years, the mandate to form a government will be given to someone other than Netanyahu. Benjamin “Benny” Gantz of Kahlon Lavan won 33 seats, and will now be given the opportunity to try to make a coalition government. However, it is likely that in doing so, he will need to go back on a few of his campaign promises. If he is unable to form a government, Israel will have a third national election within a year. If it happens, this will be devastating to Israel’s politics, economy, and all the projects, appointments of judges and other high officials, and budgets that are waiting approval from the new government. President Rivlin will also help to mediate a coalition government with the different parties. Please pray for the negotiations and meetings being held with Israeli politicians who are trying to form a stable government.

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Israel Represented in Bahrain

Stena Impero tanker (Source: Wikipedia Commons)

After unifying ties were made with her Gulf State neighbors, Israel was invited to a two-day conference in Bahrain focusing on the establishment of stability in the Middle East. There were 60 countries represented and the main topic was how to deal with threats from Iran. Israel does not intend to confront Iran, but can offer intelligence, technology, and a land base for American forces. Please pray for continued peace and stability in the Middle East, knowing that ultimately the only one who can bring peace is the Prince of Peace!

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Israel Treats Kurdish Children

A Syrian Kurd tending to her child. (Source: COURTESY – SHEBA MEDICAL CENTER)

Kurdish children with pre-existing heart conditions are being welcomed and treated in Israeli hospitals. Over the past 10 months, 41 Iraqi Kurdish children and three from Syria have been treated. In their home cities, proper care and surgery is not available and often, upon arrival, the Israeli doctors realize that their conditions are much worse than their files reported. The medical technology has been found to be 60 years behind today’s modern tools. It is also difficult because the parents have to speak with the doctors by way of translation from their language, Kurdish via Arabic via Hebrew. The patients and families are not ‘hostage’ in the hospital, they are allowed to tour the country and even pray at the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. They are thrilled to receive these life-saving operations. Please pray for these children’s safety and healing from war trauma. Please pray they find Jesus while they are in Israel.

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Smoothie Contest at the Ramat Gan Ministry Center

With permission from their parents, we recently had a smoothie contest at our Ramat Gan Ministry Center for teenagers! A few youth groups came from neighboring cities for an evening of fellowship with other teens, worship, Bible teaching, and…. smoothies! They were delicious! The previous week, we had a packed house for a night of worship with Joshua Aaron. He is a talented American-Israeli singer with a unique musical style. Next week, we will host a Sabbath dinner for young adults—many of whom will be bringing their not-yet-Messiah-believing friends to an open and welcoming event. Please pray for our ministries at the Ramat Gan Center, that many would be encouraged in their faith and many would hear the truths of the gospel.