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Tel Aviv Stopping Single Use Plastics

Plastic fork (Source: Pixabay)

Stemming from a desire to stop throwing away so much plastic, the Tel Aviv municipality will provide an alternative to single-use utensils for the 20,000 kids eating lunch at school. Children in first through third grades will be provided with reusable cutlery and bowls to wash at home. Kindergartens will have dishwashers installed to quicken the washing of all the dirty plates and cutlery. The decision comes after many demonstrations by parents over the incredible damage the plastics have done to the budget and the environment. This change of behavior will also teach the children a better mindset on environmental protection and the alternatives to plastic use. It is hoped that other city municipalities will copy this new and needed approach to decreasing the use of plastic. Please pray for our environment—that we would protect it and find ways to change our behaviors to help rejuvenate it—as it is the Lord’s creation.

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Israeli Embassies Close Worldwide

Israeli embassy in Prague, Spain (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli embassies and consulates around the world have closed until further notice as diplomats protest the lack of funding while abroad. The shutdown comes after long-simmering frustrations over difficult working conditions, long hours, and minimal pay. The most recent complaint is a result of the Ministry of Finance requiring envoys to pay back thousands of dollars of expense reimbursements. The strike means they cannot help Israelis abroad with medical emergencies or visa and passport problems. Israel has sixty-nine embassies, twenty-three consulates, and five special missions worldwide. Since these services are not available, please pray that traveling Israelis use wisdom and caution while abroad—pray for protection from accidents and visa issues! Also pray for a quick, reasonable resolution.

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Court to Decide on Labeling Israeli Products

Israel exports a large quantity of produce every year. Produce sales could be affected by labeling. (Source: Pixabay)

In November 2015, the European Union approved guidelines requiring special labeling of products exported from the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem, and Israeli settlements in the West Bank. While the Israeli Foreign Ministry was successful in blocking the implementation of these guidelines in most countries, others, such as France, have not only implemented them, but supplemented them. France became the first country to adopt their own guidelines in 2016. An Israeli winery filed a petition against the labeling, which caused the French courts to send the case to the European Court of Justice (ECJ) in Luxembourg. The court is supposed to rule on the matter next week. The Israeli Foreign Ministry fears a ruling in support of the labeling guidelines would help the BDS (Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions) movement to de-legitimize Israel. Israel further claims this would be damaging to the peace efforts with Palestinians and that it is discriminatory. The ECJ is a supreme court whose decisions cannot be appealed. Please pray this ruling would not pass as it would be disastrous to the local economy and hurt Israel worldwide, furthering the goals of BDS.  

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Jerusalem Ministry Center

Jerusalem - The future of Israel

Jerusalem, Israel (Source: Adobe)

Our Jerusalem Messianic Center continues to be a busy place of ministry. We have a small Bible study, Friday Sabbath dinners, and a club for Holocaust survivors to come eat, socialize, and hear the Word of God. Over some weekends, we host discipleship training sessions for our camp counsellors. We just had an amazing camp for kids, and they are already setting their sights on the spring camp. Please continue to pray for our ministry—that people’s hearts and lives would be touched for the Lord! Our administrative work is also based in Jerusalem, so we ask for prayer for the logistics and paperwork behind the scenes, too!!