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22nd Knesset Dissolved, Elections Called for March 2, 2020

Benny Gantz walks during a session of the Knesset in Jerusalem on December 11, 2019.(Gali TIBBON / AFP)

For the second time, Israel’s top politicians have failed to form a coalition government. As a result, Israelis will head to the polls yet again to elect a new government. The short-lived 22nd Knesset was disbanded, paving the way for the March 2, 2020 elections. There is a great deal of finger-pointing with blame being widely distributed for this frustrating political deadlock. The Likud party will hold an internal primary for the leadership of the party prior to the March elections. Gideon Sa’ar and Benjamin Netanyahu will run for the party’s leadership; however recent polls have said that Likud will lose seats if Netanyahu is not reelected as the head of the party. Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently facing criminal indictment on charges of bribery and corruption and is expected to ask the Knesset for immunity. Benny Gantz’s Blue and White party has maintained throughout the process that they will not sit in a coalition government with Netanyahu while he is under criminal investigation.

Please pray for this extremely rare, frustrating, and uncertain time in Israel’s history.

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Tel Aviv Named the “Foodie City”

Olive Leaf at the Tel Aviv Sheraton Hotel serves excellent food in beautiful surroundings (photo credit: Courtesy)

Tel Aviv was recently ranked seventh in the BBC’s “Top 10 Destinations for Foodies.” Tel Aviv has food stalls and amazing hole-in-the-wall spots offering hummus, falafel, sabikh sandwiches (roasted eggplant with za’atar, hummus, and hard boiled eggs) and shakshuka (a spicy breakfast dish in which eggs are poached in a savory tomato and green pepper broth). Since Tel Aviv is a melting pot of cultures, there are many restaurants that blend east and west with their spices, sauces, and fried or baked options. Tel Aviv also boasts the ability to have fresh farm-to-table vegetables and fruits, so many can eat a vegetarian Mediterranean diet. Even more so, it has proclaimed itself to be the “vegan capital,” as most restaurants now offer completely plant based, vegan options.

Praise God for the healthy and delicious food that is grown in Israel!

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Israel Sends a Team to Samoa to Deal with a Deadly Measles Outbreak

In this image from video, people gather outside a health emergency operation center Dec. 5, 2019, in Apia, Samoa (TVNZ via AP)

Israel is sending an emergency medical team to the Pacific island of Samoa to help combat a deadly measles outbreak. Sixty-three people, mostly children under the age of four, have died since mid-October. Samoa is in a state of lock down as government and aid workers spread out among the population of 200,000 to vaccinate as many people as possible. This severe measles outbreak is blamed on “anti-vaxxer” propaganda, which make claims that vaccines are responsible for causing the illness, resulting in only 30 percent of the population becoming vaccinated. From Thursday to Friday of last week, an additional 140 new cases were reported in Samoa. Israel has also seen an increase in cases of measles, though not nearly on the same scale. From April of 2018 through March of 2019, there have been a little more than 3,750 cases reported, with only three fatalities.

Please pray for protection for the Israeli team helping with the deadly measles outbreak. Please pray for the people of Samoa to be safe and healthy.

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Worship Event at the Tel Aviv Messianic Center

Just recently, the Chosen People Ministries—Israel ministry center on the border of Ramat Gan and Tel Aviv hosted a wonderful worship event. There were close to seventy people there including a few who are not yet believers. Many young people came to spend the time in worship and prayer for the nation of Israel. There were quite a few soldiers who came in uniform on their way from their base to their homes for the weekend. After quickly changing into civilian clothes, it was a special time of refreshing for them. Outside, there were ultra-Orthodox Jewish demonstrators trying to stop people from coming inside. Prayers were sent their way as well, so that they might come to know the Messiah Jesus.

Please pray for many to come to these events at the center to hear about the Messiah, Jesus. Also pray for those trying to stop these events, for the Lord to open their eyes and ears to the gospel.