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Heir to the British Throne to Visit Israel

Prince William at a reception in Jerusalem in June 2018 (Photo Source: MCT)

Prince Charles has accepted an invitation from President Reuven Rivlin to come to Israel in January. This marks only the second time that a member of the British royal family has made an official visit to the Holy Land, the first was in 2018 when Prince William visited for three days. Prince Charles will attend the commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp, which will take place at Israel’s Holocaust Memorial Museum, Yad Vashem, on January 23, 2020. The heir to the British throne has been to Israel twice before, though unofficially, for the funerals of Yitzhak Rabin in 1995 and Shimon Peres in 2016. Prince Charles’ paternal grandmother, Princess Alice, is buried in Jerusalem and is recognized by Yad Vashem as one of the Righteous Among the Nations for saving a Jewish family from the Nazis in Greece. The ceremonies will be attended by French President Macron, Russian President Putin, and the presidents of Germany, Italy, and Austria, among others. The gathering coincides with the fifth World Holocaust Forum and will make a statement against antisemitism and the importance of passing the remembrance of the Holocaust to future generations.

Please pray for this important gathering to send a global message against antisemitism, as they remember those who perished and also those who fought for Auschwitz’s liberation.

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Israel Cycle Team Qualifies for Tour de France

Israeli cyclist Guy Niv (Photo Source: Noa Toledo Arnon)

For the first time ever, the Israeli Cycling Academy has qualified for the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI) World Tour Circuit, which includes the Tour de France. The Israeli team includes some of the best riders in the world. Israel and its cycling team made a name for itself when the prestigious race, Giro d’Italia, came to Israel in 2018.

Praise God for our abilities to move and exercise. Please pray for the health and protection of the cycle team as they travel around the world.

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Trains Begin Between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv

The new Jerusalem-Tel Aviv express train line (Photo: AFP)

Despite being eleven years late, the train line connecting Tel Aviv and Jerusalem has finally opened, beginning service after the Sabbath this past Saturday! The high-speed train travels fifty-seven kilometers (about thirty-four miles) in twenty-eight minutes, passing over nine bridges and through five tunnels. The cost of the project was seven billion shekels, which is double the projected cost, and includes the construction of a new train station in Jerusalem. This train should alleviate much of the highway congestion on the narrow, winding roads that lead to Jerusalem. Also, the new train station in Jerusalem is more than 260 feet underground, allowing it to be a nuclear bomb shelter if the need arises.

Praise God the new railway between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem is completed so people can travel safely and quickly to their destinations.

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Wishing You Warm Holiday Greetings!

In the Land where it all began, we wish you a Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah! Our staff is busy with Hanukkah parties and is taking every opportunity to explain to so many people the message of the Light of the World. It is a wonderful time of year to spread some cheer and explain to others how Jesus is our light in a dark land. As we light the Hanukkah candles, we pray that His light shines brightly in and through you. As we remember His birth, may we all give thanks for the gift of salvation we have! Eat a latke, some sufganiyot (jelly filled donuts), and enjoy your time with friends and family. We will too!