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Increased Violence in Israel

IDF Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi, right, speaks with the head of the Central Command Maj. Gen. Nadav Padan, center, after attacks on Israeli troops in the West Bank and Jerusalem on February 6, 2020. (Source: Israel Defense Forces)

After a recent string of violent attacks against Israeli soldiers, the Israel Defense Forces decided to send additional troops to the hot spots in the West Bank. A car recently rammed into a group of soldiers in Jerusalem, injuring twelve of them. Riots are taking place in the West Bank and balloons with explosives continue to be sent from Gaza to Israeli border communities. These balloons have grenades and bombs attached to them to detonate upon landing. This significant increase in terror activities began following the unveiling of the United States’ peace plan on January 28, 2020.

Please pray for calm and stability in the Land, both in Israel and in the West Bank.

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Child Prodigy Desires to Study in Israel

Israeli ambassador to Belgium with Laurent Simons (Photo: Israeli Embassy, Brussels)

A nine-year-old child prodigy from Belgium, who is also the world’s youngest person to have earned an undergraduate degree, has approached the Israeli embassy in Brussels to begin talks about studying in Israel. He intends to advance directly to a PhD program to study medicine, biotechnology, and bioengineering, with hopes to design prosthetic organs in the future. The family has never been to Israel, but they have heard about Israel’s beauty and advanced high-tech industry, and they believe the community life would be suitable for their son.

Please pray for this young boy and his family as they consider his studying in Israel and to further his desire to help mankind with medical advancements.

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Tel Aviv Cost of Living Rises

Tel Aviv, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Shai Pal)

Looking at the cost of living prices for rent, groceries, restaurants, and the comparison of wages to the ability to buy goods and services, Tel Aviv was ranked as the twentieth most expensive city in the world. Haifa and Jerusalem were thirty-first and thirty-fourth respectively. The semi-annual report showed Tel Aviv in thirty-sixth place one year ago, and twenty-seventh place six months ago. As a nation, Israel ranked as the eighth most expensive country in the world. Surprisingly, the United States was listed as twentieth. These statistics were from Numbeo, a crowd-sourced database of consumer prices that compares the cost of living in each country. The top five most expensive places were all in Switzerland, while New York City placed eleventh and San Francisco placed twelfth.

Please pray for the many Israelis who struggle to make ends meet amidst the very high cost of living and wage stagnation. Please pray for real solutions to be made by government leaders and small businesses.

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Music Treats Children from Communities Hit by Rockets

Dr. Moshe Bensimon (Photo: Bar-Ilan University)

Children in border communities near the Gaza Strip, who frequently face multiple rocket attacks and the urgent need to find shelter, often suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). A recent study of children suffering from panic and anxiety showed that playing music gave the children a therapeutic benefit by giving them a coping mechanism and a sense of control and stability. “The more you repeat this action, it creates a new experience and re-frames the trauma. This way, the traumatic memory is perceived as less scary and intimidating for children from Gaza-bordering communities,” said Dr. Moshe Bensimon from Bar-Ilan University.

Please pray for the children and their families who suffer from PTSD and the effects of multiple rocket attacks.

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Prayer for Israel’s Soldiers

As Israel is getting drenched again with much needed rain, we pray for peace and safety to rain upon the Land during this time of increased violence. We have many opportunities to bless and share with Israeli soldiers, and even send them back to their base with a gift bag of munchies and a note of prayer for them after a weekend at home. There are many believers in the army now, and we often host weekend retreats for them to provide a time of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. We want them to return to their base refreshed.

Please pray believing soldiers can share about their faith and be an encouragement to those around them. Praise God for the ministry we have among the soldiers!