Inside Israel

IDF Installing Sensors Along Northern Borders

Israeli troops search for attack tunnels dug into Israel from southern Lebanon, in January 2019. (Source: Israel Defense Forces)

One year after a massive effort by the Israel Defense Forces uncovered and destroyed six Hezbollah tunnels from southern Lebanon into Israel, the second phase to stop the digging of these tunnels has been enacted. In an operation started in December 2018, six massive tunnels were found and either blown up or filled with concrete. The purpose of these tunnels was to bring terror, infiltrate Israel, and facilitate the kidnapping of civilians and soldiers. Now, the IDF is installing sensors along the northern border to detect subterranean activity, both seismic and acoustic. The installation should take several months. According to the IDF, these sensors have only recently been approved for operation, which is why they are being installed now. It is not in response to any new threat, but merely meant to be preventative.

Please pray for the safety and protection of civilians and military living near and protecting the northern border.

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Shin Bet Protects Israel’s Citizens

Shin Bet head Nadav Argaman (Source: Wikimedia Commons/Niv Aharonson)

Israel’s secret service, Shin Bet, said that in 2019, they helped to thwart more than 560 terror attacks, which included four kidnappings, ten suicide bombings, and more than three hundred shooting attacks. Still, there were a few horrific attacks in which a total of five Israelis were killed by terrorist groups. The Shin Bet chief credited the security service’s “dedication, determination, perseverance, professionalism, and creativity.” In addition to the foiled terror attacks, last summer, the Shin Bet stopped Hamas and Hezbollah from recruiting ‘lone wolf’ Arab Israelis from spying for Iranian intelligence.

Please pray for Israel’s secret service, for their plans and intelligence operations.

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Israeli Settlement Businesses Blacklisted on United Nations List

Expedia is among the companies blacklisted by the UN (Source: Flickr/Sporst)

The United Nations Human Rights agency just released a list of 112 business and companies that aid Israeli settlements in the West Bank. This list took four years to compile and is being labeled as extremely antisemitic. It lists all Israelis banks, transportation companies, and three giant telecommunications businesses, as well as other medium-sized Israeli companies. There are also international companies who work in the West Bank settlements on the blacklist. President Reuvin Rivlin said, “….when Israeli businesses are under threat of boycott, we will stand with them.” The list was commissioned by the agency in March 2016 through council resolution 31/36, which requested a list of companies who provide material support and services to help the expansion or maintenance of the Israeli settlements. The database’s publication marks a major setback for Israeli settlements, coming three months after the European Court of Justice ruled that labeling Israeli products from the settlements is legally binding.

Please pray for Israeli businesses in the West Bank, that they be protected from this serious form of antisemitism.

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Warm Lunch on a Cold Day

Recently, a group of Bible college students hosted a special luncheon for Holocaust survivors. The Holocaust survivors came despite the cold and rain—a total of sixty-five people attended! Everyone had a delicious and nutritious lunch cooked by the students. During the time together, they chatted, sang songs, and clapped along to old Yiddish tunes. The students shared about their love for the Lord, why they came to Israel, and the joy that can be found in Jesus. Many of the Holocaust survivors traveled as long as two hours on public transportation to come for the gathering, braving the elements because they are starved for fellowship.

Please pray for these dear people who heard the Word, traveled far to do so, and for their health during a cold and wet winter!