Inside Israel

New Knesset Sworn In

President Reuven Rivlin (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

The new Knesset was sworn in on Monday, March 23, 2020. It was a swearing in unlike any other, taking place after a year of political turmoil and amidst the current public health crisis. Since recent Ministry of Health guidelines restrict gatherings to no more than ten people, the normal festive swearing in of one hundred twenty Knesset members was conducted in groups of three at a time. Forty rounds of three-member groups were ushered in to swear allegiance to serve the State. President Rivlin oversaw the ceremony and begged the members to “give the people a government” after three failed elections. Now, the two main parties must try to work together to form a coalition to govern the nation. The previous Knesset was only in office for a matter of weeks before it was dissolved, paving way for the third election within a year.

Please pray for Israel’s members of Knesset to be able to help guide the people and nation during these difficult times.

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Rescue Missions to Bring Israelis Home

Israelis stranded in India board a special El Al flight (Source: El Al)

Israel is working very hard to bring Israelis home from key places like India and South America before countries close their borders and airspace to curb the spread of COVID-19. Many young Israelis travel to remote places around the world after their army service and enjoy their travels from three months to a year. Therefore, many were in remote places or had just finished long hikes and did not know of the outbreak. This past weekend, EL AL, Israel’s national air carrier, flew four Dreamliner jets to Peru to bring back one thousand stranded young Israelis. Two full planes also returned from India with young Israelis. There are many still stranded, and the embassies and diplomats are working around the clock to secure seats on other countries’ rescue planes. Once home, they will still need to observe the fourteen-day mandatory quarantine.

Please pray for those who are returning, that they would be healthy and able to adjust after being forced to make a quick change of plans.

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Ways Israelis are Coping

Rabin Square in Tel Aviv (Source: Unsplash / Yoav Aziz)

Even though schools and daycares are closed, Israel has opened seven daycare facilities in hospitals around the country for essential workers, that is, medical staff. Each daycare will be for eight children (ages 0–3) and two workers and in compliance with all the appropriate standards. This will allow the medical staff to be able to work while their children are being cared for. Weddings are still taking place in the very venue where they were booked—but the facilities are empty. They are allowed just a couple people with them while many others can watch via online services. Often, these venues are given to them for free. At 6:00 PM just about every day, people have been going out on their balconies or to open windows to applaud the medical staff at hospitals around the country.

Please pray for Israel’s health care workers and those who are working in the hospitals to remain safe and vigilant.

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Calls to People Who Ordered Isaiah 53 Explained

Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew (Source: Linnea Lebreton)

This week, we are going to step up our calling efforts to individuals who ordered Isaiah 53 Explained books in Hebrew. Over the past many months, we have taken out social media advertisements to show people how and where they can order the book for free. There are still hundreds of people to call for follow up, and now that these individuals are at home, we are praying that they have the time and willingness to answer the phone and talk about what they read or be compelled to read the book. Our staff will begin calling this week to people all over the country.

Please pray that the men and women who requested a copy of Isaiah 53 Explained are open and willing to learn more about Jesus the Messiah, who brings us peace during times of uncertainty!