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80 Billion Shekels Rescue Package

Israeli Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Israeli Minister of Finance Moshe Kahlon has announced the largest economic rescue package ever in Israel’s history—80 billion shekels ($22.5 billion). Kahlon told reporters, “We will not let the economy collapse.” Since the coronavirus pandemic, more than one million people have registered for unemployment, which is roughly one quarter of the workforce. At the beginning of March, only 3.9 percent of the population were unemployed. Almost half of those unemployed are people 35 years and younger. Currently, only 15 percent of Israel’s workforce is allowed to go to their workplace; everyone else is on unpaid leave, were laid off, or are trying to work from home in the midst of family responsibilities. This rescue package will help every sector of the workforce—large and small businesses as well as the self-employed and unemployed.

Please pray for those who are anxiously wondering how they will pay their bills.

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Western Wall Disinfected

Rolled up papers containing prayers are left in the cracks of the Western Wall

Every year, millions of people visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City to pray and to place notes to God in the crevices between the ancient rocks. Twice a year, once at the Jewish New Year in September (Rosh Hashanah) and once at Passover, the notes are taken out and buried on the Mount of Olives. For this year’s Passover cleaning of the Western Wall, the workers dressed in full hazard material suits and gloves and sprayed disinfectant on the ancient stones.

Please pray for people to receive the freedom and gift of salvation that God gives to all, that He hears their prayers anytime and anywhere.

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Shortage of Eggs in Israel

Hardboiled egg (Source: Unsplash)

Eggs have recently become scarce in Israel. While the quantity of eggs required was anticipated to go up as Passover approaches, the most recent shortage has been attributed to panic buying due to the coronavirus. Eggs are used in the Passover Seder meal, as well as in the Passover week’s cooking. Farmers can usually keep up with Israel’s demand, but there are currently more Israelis in the country than normal since the many thousands who usually travel outside the country during the Passover holiday are staying home. The Israeli government has stepped in and agreed to pay for a shipment of thirty million eggs coming by boat and on ten cargo planes from Europe. The first shipment recently arrived, and the government sent a fleet of trucks to load the eggs and distribute them throughout the country.

Please pray for those who are finding it hard to buy food during this time.

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Our Workers in Israel With a New Way to Celebrate Passover

Passover celebrates the redemption of the Israelites from Egypt and their deliverance from slavery. There were plagues that helped Pharaoh finally decide to let the Israelites go. Today, it seems Passover, in the manner in which we are accustomed, has been “canceled” because of a new plague—the coronavirus plague. While Jewish people around the world usually celebrate the joyous holiday of Passover, now everyone will only be able to celebrate with their immediate family, roommates, or alone. Our workers in Israel are organizing Passover Seders by Zoom with the very people who need a joyous moment. Many of our workers will invite the elderly, lonely, friends, and family to join in the celebration of a virtual Seder meal. It will be different, but as they say at Passover, “Why is this night different from all other nights (and Passovers!)?” May you find joy in the little things and ways to connect with others.

Pray for us as we celebrate the joy of redemption we have found in Jesus, the Passover Lamb! And please pray for those who are alone or feeling lonely during what is supposed to be a joyous time.