Inside Israel

Supplies from China

El Al airplane (source: Wikimedia Commons)

Eleven El Al planes—one last Monday, and then two each day since—have come from China to deliver much needed medical supplies to Israel. In a coordinated effort between the Defense Ministry, the Foreign Ministry, El Al Airlines, and Israel Chemicals, 900,000 surgical masks and half a million protective suits were brought in the first shipment. Several ventilators were included, with more to come. Israel has been working hard to coordinate and acquire much needed supplies from abroad to help test and treat the COVID-19 virus. Israel has also converted a missile factory to manufacture ventilators, and they have delivered their first thirty to the Ministry of Health. The Mossad (Israeli Secret Service) has also been tasked with acquiring medical supplies from outside of Israel due to critical shortages in the number of respiratory masks, test kits, surgical masks, and clothing for ambulance workers.

Please pray for Mossad and other government agencies to continue to receive the supplies needed to fight the virus.

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Passover Under Lockdown

Israelis usually celebrate the Passover holiday Seder surrounded by family and friends. This year, the government mandated a curfew for sixteen hours, from Wednesday at 3:00 PM until Thursday morning at 7:00 AM, to keep everyone at home and not travel or welcome guests to their Seder table. That meant that roommates, nuclear families, and many people living alone were severely limited in how they celebrated the holiday. At 8:30 PM, many people opened their windows and went to their balconies to sing traditional Passover songs together so that no one would be alone. In solidarity, Israel wanted to let the elderly and those alone know that they were connected with their family, friends, and countrymen. As people celebrated the Seder, they reflected on the story of the Israelites in Egypt, how the Lord protected them and kept them in their homes during the last plague—the death of the first-born—before finally setting them free. It was a very different Passover for everyone.

Please pray for many to see how they can also be set free from their sins by believing in Jesus, the perfect Passover Lamb!

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Traditions Change Over Easter Weekend

On Easter weekend, Jerusalem’s Old City saw the doors of the Church of the Holy Sepulchre closed. This site is regarded as the place where Jesus was crucified, buried…and rose from the dead! The normally lively Old City streets, typically filled with pilgrims and vendors at this time of year, were empty. At the Western Wall, the Priestly Blessings, given by the Jewish priestly line dating back to the time of Aaron, usually draws 100,000 people. This year, only a select group of 10 were allowed to participate.

Please pray for those who are mourning the loss of church and synagogue traditions, that they would experience Jesus’ presence in their lives.

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Ministry Continues!

Our workers had a wonderful Passover Seder with friends and family over Zoom—a fun way to be united in these difficult times. We continue to see much success in our Zoom Bible studies with times for prayer and discussion. We also have had amazing conversations about the Isaiah 53 Explained book Israelis keep ordering!  Our staff remain healthy and are being obedient to the strict health and safety rules mandated by the Israeli government. We are amazed at these new opportunities to reach out to many, and we pray for many more open hearts and minds for the Lord. May your connections and conversations also encourage others and help draw people close to God. This is perfect time, now more than ever, to share the gospel!

Please pray that during this special holiday season, many people are drawn to Messiah, Jesus, the Lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world!

Also, please continue to pray for Israel’s government, as they are trying hard to form a unity coalition, and the clock is ticking down.