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Israel’s New Government to Be Sworn In

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu (Source: Wikipedia)

Averting a fourth election, the new Israeli government is to be sworn in this week. Benjamin Netanyahu, of the Likud party, will be sworn in as prime minister for eighteen months, followed by Benny Gantz from Kahol Lavan (Blue and White), formerly Netanyahu’s primary rival. In a surprise move one month ago, Gantz dropped his Blue and White political partner in order to join with Netanyahu and share the prime minister role, a move that had many calling Gantz either a traitor or a genius. Despite the partnership, there are still many who are opposed to Netanyahu’s leadership and took action last week in an attempt to stop it. However, the High Court of Justice unanimously rejected a series of petitions seeking to prevent Netanyahu from forming a government because of the criminal charges against him, and to block controversial clauses of the coalition deal. Though his trial will commence on May 24, 2020, the country will move forward, out of this political stalemate.

Please pray for Netanyahu and Gantz as they set up their coalition government.

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Ingenuity of An Israeli Start-Up

A Sonovia face mask (Source:

An Israeli company that began as a small start-up at the beginning of the COVID-19 crisis has now become a large, international commercial business. They specialize in masks with a new anti-pathogen fabric. Within the washable fabric are copper and zinc oxide nanoparticles, which are both anti-bacterial and anti-viral. They have now started to sell their product in the United States, knowing that this protective equipment is crucial to combat the transmission of the viral pandemic. Research studies with the masks have shown them to be 98 percent effective. Additional studies are set to begin in the next few weeks.

Please pray for increased research on protective equipment, and for additional equipment to be made and distributed so more people are protected.

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Israel Begins to Reopen

School supplies (Source: Unsplash)

Israel has seen dramatic drop in new COVID-19 infections on account of almost two months in lockdown and the closure of all borders. As a result, children in grades 1–3 have gone back to school, though with smaller class sizes, masks and gel use, and scattered pick-up and drop-off times. The rest of the school-aged kids will be back in school by June 1. Kindergartens and nurseries have gone back on a rotational, half-week schedule in small groups, as well. As a result, people have gone back to work, and many continue to work from home if they are able. Malls, outdoor food markets, and nature reserves have reopened, and weddings and funerals can be held outside with groups of up to fifty. At all of these locations, people’s temperatures are taken before entering. Because Israelis know the importance of the close family unit, it was specifically announced that visits with grandparents can now take place, but still no hugs or kisses are permitted.

Please pray for the public’s protection as people start to come out of their homes and be in close proximity to each other again.

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Unusual May Showers

A rainy street in Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel (Source: Unsplash)

An unexpected cold front passed over Israel, dumping rain throughout the country and dropping the temperatures dramatically. The cold front brought massive dark clouds, thunder, lightning, and in some places, hail. It is very unusual to be getting rainstorms this late in the spring season as the early summer hot temperatures and dryness have already set in..

Praise God for this last burst of rain for a soon-to-be-parched ground during the hot summer months.

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Phone Calls to Encourage Holocaust Survivors

We are reaching out to Holocaust survivors over the phone (Illustrative / Source: Pixabay)

Our workers in Israel are still caring for the Holocaust survivors we have built friendships with. They are still advised to stay at home, so we make countless phone calls every day to check in on them and make sure they are okay. With some of them who are more technically savvy, we are able to do video chats! We have even done some Zoom music concerts for them, and they LOVE it! They are scared, lonely, and bored, so any chance we have to brighten their day, encourage them, and pray with them is so needed. It really is a blessing to bless others. We even cooked some hot, nutritious food for Friday Sabbath meal and delivered it to some survivors who really have meager supplies!

Please continue to pray for God’s love to shine brightly in these dear ones’ lives, that they would see the love and salvation found in Jesus.