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60 Years Since Mossad’s Capture of Nazi Criminal

Gabriel Bach, a former judge of the Supreme Court of Israel and a former deputy prosecutor during the trial of top Nazi German official Adolf Eichmann (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Last Monday, Israel remembered the sixty-year anniversary of the historic capture of Nazi war criminal, Adolf Eichmann. He was the main architect of Hitler’s “Final Solution.” Eichmann vanished in May 1945, after destroying written and pictorial evidence of his crimes. He fled to Argentina, where he lived for fifteen years under a different name. Following a lead that came in 1957, it took Mossad agents two years to locate him and plan his return to Israel. Agents flew to Argentina on an El Al plane to celebrate Argentina’s 150th anniversary of independence. Other agents were sent to capture him and put him on the El Al plane, dressed as flight crew. On May 11, 1960, in a meticulously planned and carried out operation, Adolf Eichmann was captured getting off a bus. The El Al plane that carried the agents to Argentina brought Eichmann to Israel on May 20. Once in Israel, he had a proper trial, where one hundred eleven witnesses finally told their stories. He was charged for crimes against the Jewish people, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. He was found guilty of all charges and sentenced to death. He was hanged on December 15, 1962 and his ashes were scattered at sea. Adolf Eichmann was the last person to be executed under the death penalty in Israel.

Please pray for those who are still hurting physically and mentally from the traumas of the Holocaust.

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Finally, a New Israeli Government Has Been Sworn In

Benny Gantz and Benjamin Netanyahu

Originally set for May 13, Israel swore in their thirty-fifth government to sit in the Knesset yesterday. This ended a 508-day stretch without a government. During that time, there were three elections costing the people millions and millions in shekels in which no party was able to cobble together a coalition government. This time, Benjamin Netanyahu was sworn in for his fifth term as prime minister. According to the agreement between Likud and Blue and White, Netanyahu will step aside on November 17, 2021, and Benny Gantz will become the prime minister. Until that time, in addition to being the alternate prime minister, Gantz will lead as minister of defense, a fitting role as he was once Israel Defense Forces’ chief of staff. Once Netanyahu’s political rival, Gantz surprised everyone by suddenly siding with Netanyahu as the clock ticked down for a government to be formed after the third election. The new government has come under some criticism, however, as it has many more members of Knesset (MK) at a time when the economy was ruined because of the pandemic. Many say the numbers should be reduced in order to save money. Currently, thirty-five Likud Members of Knesset will fill different ministry roles, sixteen from Blue and White party, and twenty-two from other coalition parties.

Please pray for Israel’s new government as they set to work rebuilding much that has been lost.

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United States Secretary of State Visits Israel

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visits Israel (Source: Flickr / US Department of State)

United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a quick trip to Israel this past Wednesday, the first such visit Israel has received from a foreign diplomat since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Pompeo came to speak with Prime Minister Netanyahu on the peace plan revealed by President Trump in January and the forthcoming annexation of the Jordan Valley. The United States has said that it would recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the entire Jordan Valley and all Israeli settlements across the West Bank in exchange for Jerusalem to be ready to negotiate a peace deal with the Palestinians, although the Palestinians have completely rejected the plan. They also talked about Israel distancing itself from China in deals and trade. Finally, they talked about the growing tensions with Iran. Pompeo also met with recently named defense minister and future prime minister, Benny Gantz. Pompeo arrived in the morning and left that night.

Please pray for diplomatic talks leading up to the possible annexation date of July 1, 2020.

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Heat Wave Across Israel

A hot day in Israel (Illustrative / Source: Unsplash)

Israel is in the midst of a severe heat wave, with temperatures peaking higher than 100 degrees Fahrenheit across much of the country. The heat wave is expected to last five to six days, without breaking at night. In the spring, a weather phenomenon called a “shirav” brings hot, dry, sandy desert winds from the southeast. It feels like an oven. Once the shirav breaks, the winds change, bringing cool sea air and a dramatic decrease in temperatures.

Please pray for people who suffer from respiratory conditions, the elderly, and children during this heat wave.

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Modern Technology Helps Us in Sharing the Gospel!

Zoom calls have helped us continue our work in Israel (Illustrative / Source: Unsplash)

During Israel’s time in lockdown, we have seen an amazing increase of people attending our Zoom meetings. All of our Bible studies—for women, men, co-ed, and young adults—saw double or triple the usual in-person attendance. It has been incredible to be able to reach out to even more people. We spend time in study of the Word, encouragement, and lots of prayer for so many needs. Before the coronavirus, someone might not have been able travel or make the time to attend, and now they can join us virtually! We have also had online worship gatherings, and Holocaust survivors have enjoyed classical music concerts on Zoom. Modern technology helps us in sharing the gospel! We look forward to continuing to use this as we are not ready for larger gatherings yet and we see a need and want to meet it.

Praise God for this incredible way to share the love of the Messiah with so many.