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Renewable Energy in Israel

Solar panels in Kibbutz Ketura (Source: Wikipedia / Arava Power Company)

Over the coming decade, Israel is set to spend 22 billion dollars on increasing its ability to make and use renewable energy. Currently, renewable resources comprise 17 percent of Israel’s energy. According to Energy Minister Yuval Steinitz, that number will increase to 30 percent by 2030. By replacing coal and other pollutants, including natural gas, air pollution will be reduced by 93 percent and greenhouse gases by 50 percent per person. The energy minister also began an initiative last year, in cooperation with the Electricity Authority, to see solar panels placed on domestic roofs. There were around 13,000 solar panels in use at the beginning of the campaign, mostly on commercial and agricultural centers. Their hope is to double that number in the coming year. Families are being offered an incentive to place the panels on their homes—the extra energy that goes into the power grid as a result of the solar energy will earn the homeowner deductions on their electricity bills. Solar panel farms in the desert are one of Israel’s best ways of producing renewable energy.

Please pray for the development and installation of additional ways to create renewable energy so that pollution and greenhouse gases can decrease.

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Cyber Wars and Poisoning

President Reuven Rivlin visits Sorek Desalination Plant (Source: Wikimedia Commons / Spokesperson Unit of the President of Israel)

Recently, in a back-and-forth cyberwar with Iran, it was discovered that Iran tried to poison Israel’s water supply with high levels of chlorine. In April, Israel had thwarted a major cyberattack that would have closed a water pumping station in the middle of a massive heatwave. It would have shut down once the chemical imbalance was detected, leaving farms and people parched. Israel responded in a cyberattack against one of Iran’s largest ports. Although this is only the most recent exchange in a long-standing cyberwar, the conflict seems to be gaining momentum, and according to reports, Israel is getting ready for more.

Please pray for those who combat cyber warfare, that they would be alert and able to respond to threats.

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Mossad Collects Medical Supplies

Mossad Chief Yossi Cohen (Source: Wikipedia / Kobi Gideon / GPO)

Israel’s National Intelligence Agency, the Mossad, has collected millions of pieces of protective gear and medical supplies, often from countries with which Israel has no diplomatic ties, in order to protect its citizens and hospitals against the coronavirus and in anticipation of a potential second wave. Included in the massive acquisition are 80 million masks, 30 tons of disinfectant, and 10,000 ventilators. Mossad director, Yossi Cohen, did a fantastic job in securing all this gear. Now, the Mossad will transfer the rest of the acquisition and maintenance of the products to the Ministry of Health so the Mossad can free up its personnel to continue to keep Israel safe.

Please pray for the Mossad to keep vigilant as it works tirelessly to keep Israel safe.

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China Loses Bid to Buy Israel Desalination Plant

Sorek 2 Desalination Plant (Source: The Water Authority)

The world’s largest desalination plant, which will produce 200 million cubic meters of water per day, was recently in a bidding war between a Chinese company and an Israeli company. The Israeli company was chosen in a decision that seems to ease ‘tensions’ with the United States but may create a strain on Israeli-Chinese relations. United States Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was in Israel two weeks ago and strongly urged Israel to lessen ties with China. The desalination plant, located in central Israel, will increase Israel’s capacity to remove salt from seawater by 35 percent.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel in dealing with foreign ownership of Israel’s infrastructures.

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Praise God!

Thanks to Zoom, we have been able to continue our Bible studies in Israel! (Illustrative / Source: Unsplash)

Praise God, our workers in Israel keep moving forward in sharing the gospel! We continue to find opportunities to speak with people about the Messiah Jesus through Zoom calls, WhatsApp chats, emails, and now, with restrictions easing a bit, a little in person. We have prayed with people, encouraged them, and studied the Scriptures together. We give thanks to the Lord for giving us opportunities to keep ministering in these hard times. We praise God that He has kept us healthy, as well. It is during these times that we give thanks for the little things, for each conversation, and each prayer. Each time someone opens their heart more, they draw closer to the Lord. We know hundreds of people like this in Israel!

Please keep in prayer the young, old, student, soldier, Holocaust survivor, single mother, religious person, atheist, business worker, and the unemployed, that we can continue to be the light of Jesus in their lives during these uncertain times.