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Second United Arab Emirates Plane Lands in Israel

United Arab Emirates plane (Source:

For the second time, United Arab Emirates (UAE) is sending a plane loaded with medical supplies for the West Bank and Gaza. Although the first plane, which landed at Ben Gurion Airport last month, was unmarked, this second plane will bear the Etihad Airways logo. These shipments mark the first time the UAE has landed planes in Israel, as there are no diplomatic ties between the two countries. The UAE started sending medical supplies to places within their networks that are in desperate need of help to fight COVID-19. The first planeload, with 14 tons of supplies destined for the West Bank, was rejected by the Palestinian Authority, as they claimed the shipment had not been pre-arranged with them. Most of the supplies ended up in Ashdod, a port city less than twenty miles north of the border between Israel and Gaza. As a result of a United Nations assessment, 65 percent of the total shipment should be redirected to Gaza, which was deemed more in need, and the remainder to the West Bank. It is anticipated that the Palestinian Authority will likely reject the second shipment as well.

Please pray that these supplies go to the most needed places to help those fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Germany Expresses Concern Over Israel’s Annexation of the Jordan Valley

German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas meets with Israeli president Reuven Rivlin in 2018 (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Recently, German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, a staunch supporter of Israel, flew to Israel to speak with his counterpart, Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi, to try to persuade Israel not to move ahead with plans to annex parts of the West Bank. In accordance with President Trump’s peace initiative released in January, Israel plans to annex parts of the Jordan Valley on July 1. The move is stirring up other countries, as well as the Palestinian Authority, who state that the unilateral annexation of territory is incompatible with international law. Ashkenazi assured Maas that plans are not concrete and therefore could not be discussed. President Trump’s peace initiative only included conceptual maps. Israel still needs to process the location of the actual border lines. Palestinians living in Israeli territory will not receive citizenship but will live in enclaves, according to current thought. This exchange with Germany was very important, as Germany will soon control the presidencies of both the United Nations Security Council and the European Council. Germany will likely have a crucial role in moderating the international community’s response to Israel’s annexation.

Please pray for wisdom for Israel and the international community with regards to the West Bank annexation.

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Israeli Soldier Helps Palestinian Man

An IDF soldier (left) helps a Palestinian man (right) escape from a group of Israelis attacking him in Hebron on June 13, 2020. (Screen capture: Twitter)

On Saturday evening, an Israeli soldier helped a Palestinian man escape a mob of young Israeli settlers in Hebron in the West Bank. A Palestinian man was on his way to work when he was surrounded by a group of young Israeli settlers. As the Palestinian man was being beaten, an Israeli soldier intervened and ordered the Israelis to release the Palestinian man and stop the violence. Defense Minister Benny Gantz said that the Israeli soldier “behaved as expected of any soldier,” and that the “IDF (Israel Defense Force) is committed to the safety of civilians anywhere it operates.”

Please pray for peace in different hotbed places throughout Israel and the West Bank.

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Peace in Our Hearts

A man prays at the Western Wall in Jerusalem (Source: Unsplash)

Thank you for your continued prayers for our work in Israel as we seek peaceful friendships with those in need and those searching for spiritual answers and truth! The hope is in Jesus, who alone brings peace to people’s minds and hearts.

Please pray with and for us as we continue reaching out and praying with people, studying  Scripture together, and having wonderful conversations about the Lord.

Please also pray that people’s minds and hearts would be open to the shalom found in Jesus.