Jeffrey and Marlene Kran

serving in Phoenix

Jeffrey Kran is a Jewish believer born in Chicago in 1962 and raised by secular Jewish parents. His Jewish Orthodox grandfather greatly influenced Jeff. He lived with them for some years and made sure that Jeff had the basis of Jewish education.

Jeff came to faith in 1982 through a study of the evidence for the truth of Scripture – particularly Messianic prophecy. Since then, he has been active in Bible teaching, conference speaking, and congregation planting, as a guest on radio and satellite TV and sharing at various outdoor outreach events. Jeff has a deep and long-standing burden for his Jewish people and has lectured and held open forums on college campuses and taught workshops on Jewish theological objections to the Gospel, along with various other Apologetics topics. His personal passion is to bring the knowledge of the Scriptures in Messiah to his people through both in-person and online Bible studies, personal discipleship, evangelism, and equipping the Church.

Jeffrey joined the staff of Chosen People Ministries full time in 2006. He and his wife, Marlene, have the vision to make much of the Messiah through Evangelism, online media and teaching, Bible studies, table outreach, apologetics, personal discipleship, and equipping the Church. The Krans have five children.

Jeff completed a Master of Divinity in 2011 and recently completed his Doctor of Ministry with an emphasis in apologetics in 2020.