Jennifer Miles

Digital Apologist
serving in Philadelphia, PA

Jennifer Miles serves as a digital apologist and ministry representative in the Philadelphia region. Her main focus consists of researching, editing, and writing Messianic apologetics content for Chosen People Ministries’ new evangelistic website, Chosen People Answers, and answering the online theological and apologetics questions of seekers and believers. She also serves in various ministry capacities in the Greater Philadelphia and New York regions.

Jennifer grew up in a Gentile-Christian household and placed her faith in Jesus at a young age. After graduating high school, she attended a local public college, where opposing worldviews challenged her faith. This challenge introduced her to the study of Christian apologetics, which not only strengthened her own faith but also fueled her passion to share that faith with others.

In 2013, God called Jennifer into Jewish ministry through a friendship with a Jewish coworker. Since then, she has carried a deep love for the Jewish people and passion for them to know their Messiah.

Before joining Chosen People Ministries in 2019, Jennifer served four years as a writer and editor for Israel My Glory magazine, volunteered in college apologetics ministry (Ratio Christi at Stockton University), and earned a master’s degree in Christian apologetics from Biola University (Talbot School of Theology).

Jennifer resides with her husband, Richard, in the Greater Philadelphia Area. She enjoys reading, traveling, sunny weather, the beach, and cuddling with her fur babies (cats).