Jerry and Melissa Henderson

serving in Texas

Jerry was raised in the Houston, Texas area in a multi-cultural home with a Vietnamese mother and an American father. From generation to generation his family has been about relationship building and being there for each other. Growing up, Jerry was taught that family was important and a strong work ethic was essential. These values are still important to him today as he carries them into the ever-needed task of reaching Jewish people with the gospel.

At 19, while Jerry was bored and flipping TV channels, he stumbled across a Billy Graham special that moved him so much, he responded to the gospel that very day. A couple years later Jerry met a Jewish believer who introduced him to the Jewish roots of Christianity which began stirring his heart and passion for the Jewish people. In August 2014, Jerry attended Shalom Brooklyn and was impressed with the impact that Chosen People Ministries had when reaching the Jewish population of New York City. While doing missions training in Thailand 2015, God reconfirmed Jerry’s calling to Jewish ministry by using the Thailand life experiences to reconfirm his specific calling of praying, evangelizing, discipling, and serving the Jewish community while helping the greater body of Messiah to do the same. Jerry decided to follow one of his mentor’s sayings, “Be obedient to God and He would take care of everything else.” He began actively pursuing his call by joining Chosen People Ministries and collaborating with his congregation to begin reaching Israelis and Jewish people more intentionally. All of these experiences are building upon Jerry’s past experiences with street evangelism, nursing home ministry, and social media to the Jewish people.

Jerry has a Bachelor’s degree of Arts and Applied Science and a Master’s degree in Elementary Education. Jerry is married to Melissa, a Jewish believer who also has a heart for her Jewish people. While in college, Melissa met a friend who shared Jesus with her in a Jewish way using the Old Testament scriptures that reveal Jesus as Messiah and Savior. Melissa is a licensed professional counselor for children and families. Jerry and Melissa are excited to be missionaries with Chosen People Ministries to reach the Jewish people with the good news!