Jon & Tiffanie Davidsen

serving in Los Angeles, California

Jon Davidsen came to faith in Yeshua (Jesus) in 2005 after many difficult years of being a drug addict and alcoholic. Once he came to the point of being homeless and lost everything, he turned to God. He was in a jail cell when he had his first encounter with Yeshua; since that day he’s never been the same. His wife, Tiffanie, has a similar story. The Lord radically changed her life. After several years living their newly-founded life as Christians, they both were called to Jewish missions.

Jon and Tiffanie are passionate about missions to the Jewish people. When they open their Bible, they can’t help but see that it was written by Jews and for Jews. Through prayer and intercession, discipleship, teaching and preaching, they have been ministering to the Jewish people, endeavoring to fulfill the Gospel mandate: “To the Jew first.” In addition, they want Christians around the world to recognize the importance of the Jewish people for the Gospel, so they seek to encourage churches and individuals to bring the Good News to the Jewish people.

After living in Jerusalem for three years, Jon and Tiffanie moved to Los Angeles. Together they lead a Bible study, Shabbat service and worship. They also serve the poor and share the Good News about the Messiah with God’s chosen people.