Oliver Sims

serving in New York

Oliver’s faith journey began in 1998. At the age of 16, a school friend invited him to a church meeting where a couple who were visiting from Holland shared their testimony. They spoke of having a relationship with God and that was the first time he had ever heard of such a thing and it had a profound effect on him. Soon afterwards, he asked Jesus to become Lord of his life. Coming from an atheistic family, this wasn’t an easy decision and he faced criticism from his parents. However, he found comfort from his church family. Around 2003, when Oliver was studying languages at university, he met a Jewish man called Mike who was also a believer in Jesus. He had a vast library with many books and it was from there that his love for the Jewish people began. In 2005, Oliver married Rose and they settled in the north of England to begin their family. Over the years they have had the privilege of sitting under great Bible teachers who have gradually taught through the whole Bible.

In 2015, Oliver had a providential meeting at Leeds Messianic Fellowship where he met some of the Board members of Chosen People Ministries. As a result, he was invited to New York City to engage in Jewish evangelism as part of Shalom Brooklyn, a summer outreach. Since returning, his burden to reach the Jewish people with the good news has grown. Today, Oliver regularly goes to the Jewish areas of Manchester and London, England. He says: “I love engaging Jewish people in spiritual conversations about the Messiah. I see the real principle of Romans 11:11 at work – a Gentile revealing the Hebrew scriptures back to Israel! I firmly believe that the Word of God contains principles which can encourage all of us in our personal evangelism.” Oliver has a BSc from Aston University and post graduate qualifications and previously worked as an elementary teacher. He is a clear communicator with a heart to encourage the Body of Christ. In 2020, Oliver, Rose and their three children; Zoe, Elijah and Joshua will be moving to New York City. Whilst in Brooklyn, Oliver and Rose will train further in Jewish ministry and Oliver will graduate with a Master of Divinity degree in Jewish Studies through the Talbot School of Theology at the Charles Feinberg Center.

Oliver’s Topics

  • Messiah in the Passover
  • Jesus and the Sign of Jonah
  • The Gospel According to Hanukkah
  • "To the Jew First!" What’s up with that? (Romans 1:16)
  • The Trinity in the Old Testament
  • Fresh Perspectives on Leviticus
  • The Fall Feasts of Israel