Ron and Kay Davis

serving in Orange County

Ron and Kay are missionaries with Chosen People Ministries and reside in Southern California. Ron is originally from Brooklyn, NY and moved to California with his family as a young boy. He grew up in a traditional Jewish home knowing little about Christianity and less about Jesus other than Jewish people just don’t believe in Jesus. At least that’s what his mother told him.

In an interesting reversal of events, Ron’s mother came to faith in Messiah first, and then his father. When they told him they believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, it was shocking news. He began to research these claims to prove them wrong and was amazed to see evidence of Jesus in his Hebrew Bible, and to see how Jewish Jesus and His message were throughout the New Covenant Scriptures.

Ron thought this was the best-kept secret in the world. As he studied and grew in his understanding, his passion to share Messiah with his Jewish people also grew. He felt a burden to share the Jewish roots of the faith with Christians, equipping them to take the gospel to the Jewish people in a way that makes sense to Jews. This led to establishing the first Messianic congregations in Orange County.

Ron has spent over 40 years in Jewish ministry and completed a Master’s degree in Christian
Apologetics from Biola University. He and Kay have four children, nine grandchildren and are very active in Messianic Jewish ministry. Now on staff with Chosen People Ministries, Ron’s focus of ministry is to reach his Jewish people with the gospel and to equip Christians to bring Israel the good news, from a Jewish perspective, that the Messiah has come as the Lamb of God and will soon return as Israel’s King.