Tony and Joan Savarese

serving in San Diego, CA

Tony Savarese was born to a Jewish mother and Italian father who separated shortly after his birth. He was raised in a Conservative Jewish foster home in New York City as part of the foster care system. He was placed with several Jewish foster families during his adolescent years and learned what it was to be Jewish. In 1970 while attending college, Tony met his future wife Joan, who also comes from a Jewish family. They were married in 1974 in Brooklyn where Tony completed his education and Joan was working at the phone company. Tony came to faith in 1976 while working at a radio station in New York City as a result of his interaction with believers who gave him a copy of the New Testament and “provoked him to jealousy” by their consistent testimony. A short time later, Joan also accepted Jesus as her Messiah upon Tony’s witness. Early on in their walk, Tony and Joan were introduced to a worker with Chosen People Ministries who helped to disciple them as new believers. Tony and Joan began attending Beth Sar Shalom, a congregation planted by Chosen People Ministries in Brooklyn.

The Lord began to urge Tony to serve full time in ministry and in 1979, they moved to New Jersey where Tony attended Northeastern Bible College. Today, Tony and Joan reside in San Diego, where they are active members of Kehilat Ariel Messianic Synagogue. Tony serves as Outreach Coordinator and also teaches a weekly Bible study at his home for unbelievers, Jewish seekers and any others who will attend. Over the years they have been able to be a consistent testimony of Messiah’s grace and love. Joan serves on the congregation’s worship team. Serving with Chosen People Ministries, Tony speaks in churches both locally and nationally. The burden of his heart is to see Jewish people come to know their Messiah and to teach others to effectively witness to Jewish people.