Dynamic Progress in Cancer Research

Cancer cells (Source: Pixabay)

Israel has begun a Phase III clinical trial for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in eight different hospitals throughout the country. For many years, it was suggested that one of the best ways to treat cancer is to starve the cancer cells to death by specifically targeting cancer cell metabolism. If you can remove the tumor’s source of energy, you can hinder its growth and spread. Pancreatic cancer is very deadly because there are no early detection tests. Currently, the discovery of the cancer occurs only after it has reached an advanced stage. Pancreatic cancer in Israel has spiked in the last five years and is the fourth leading cause of cancer death. The trial is a randomized, pivotal phase-3 trial. Out of 500 people, 250 randomly selected people will receive chemotherapy plus a full dose of CPI-613, while the other 250 people will receive just the chemo. The hope is that by the end of September 2020, the results will prove the efficacy of the treatment and the drug company will be able to apply for and receive expedited approval by the United States Food and Drug Administration. Please pray for this cancer research and other research like it being conducted in Israel.

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Shin Bet Foils Plans of the Enemy

A fake Facebook profile that was part of an Iranian effort to recruit local agents (Source: YNET)

Israel’s internal security service, Shin Bet, recently stopped major recruitment efforts from Iran operating in Syria via social media platforms. Iran was reaching out by way of fake Facebook accounts and other online messaging services to recruit Palestinian and Israeli Arabs to enlist them for intelligence efforts and acts of terror. They were being asked to gather information about military bases, sensitive security installations, hospitals, police stations, and public figures. No one targeted agreed to help them; instead, Shin Bet was able to work with those targets to foil the recruiter’s plans. Please pray against such aggressive attempts to recruit people to act against Israel, attempting to hurt and destroy.

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Israeli Flags at European Soccer Game

Israeli flags (Source: Pixabay)

This past Thursday morning, after three Israelis were attacked on Wednesday, French authorities banned the flying of the Israeli flag at their match Thursday evening. The four-page order cited the risk of antisemitic incidents as the motivation for the prohibition. The Israelis had flown in to support their team in the match and escaped the attack without serious injury. At the last minute, after many protests, the Israeli flags were allowed inside the stadium and flown before, during and after the game. There were no antisemitic incidents reported as a result of the display of the flags. The team, Maccabi Haifa, played against Strasbourg RC, losing the match 3-1. Please pray for fair and equal treatment of Israeli athletes in different parts of the world, as well as their safety as they travel to unwelcoming places.

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Please pray for the work of Beit Sar Shalom

Please pray for Chosen People Ministries in Israel as we are spending the summer helping in children’s camps and watching the children learn more about the Lord, grow in their friendships, and, of course, have a great relay race and ice cream! Please pray for our website and advertisement for Isaiah 53 Explained, where Israelis can simply order the book in Hebrew or Russian from the privacy of their homes. A few weeks after placing their order, they will receive a friendly email or phone call to ask them what they thought of the book. Israelis in the hundreds are ordering the book! Finally, please pray for our dear friends who are Holocaust survivors as we continue our friendship and opportunities to serve them, as we share our life and testimony in the Lord. Please pray for their health during the intensely hot Israeli summers. We cherish your prayers and are grateful to you! Stay cool, and have an ice cream too!