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Bahraini Delegation Visits Israel

Bahraini delegation visits Yad Vashem (Source: דני דיין/Twitter)

Recently, a delegation of activists and officials from Bahrain arrived in Israel. The group visited Yad Vashem Holocaust Memorial and received their guided tour in Arabic. This experience deeply moved the visitors, who previously had minimal instruction about the Holocaust in school. The Bahraini officials say they expect their country’s education system to properly address the topic moving forward. The group also explored Jerusalem’s Old City and sat and prayed at the Western Wall.

Some young Palestinians called them traitors and even threatened them, as they believe Arab states such as Bahrain should not make ties with Israel unless there is a Palestinian state. Many Orthodox Jews stopped and stared at the Bahraini delegation, surprised to see people in that garb in Jerusalem. Some asked for pictures and even invited the Bahrainis to join their Bar Mitzvah celebration. Israelis of all ages warmly welcomed the group from Bahrain.

Please pray for continued partnership and learning between Jewish people and Arabs in the Middle East.

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Israel to Introduce Term Limits for Prime Minister

Knesset building in Israel (Source: Beny Shlevich/Wikimedia Commons)

For the first time, there is a legislative bill being introduced in the Knesset to put term limits on Israeli prime ministers. This would restrict their service to eight years. Israel’s former prime minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, held office for twelve consecutive years—fourteen years in total—which is longer than any other prime minister in Israel’s history.

However, the bill would not apply retroactively, meaning that Netanyahu could run for office again. Yair Lapid, foreign minister and Yesh Atid chair, said that the bill implementing term limits is “an important law that will maintain governance free of corruption and allow for an active and healthy democracy.”

Please pray for wisdom and understanding for Israel’s government leadership.

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Mossad’s Mission to Confirm Fate of Missing Pilot

Ron Arad (Source: Israeli Air Force)

Israeli Air Force pilot Ron Arad bailed out of his airplane in 1986 over southern Lebanon. There are conflicting stories about what happened next. Israel believes Arad was likely captured by the Lebanese army and handed over to Iran, after which the two countries traded him back and forth. Although the precise details remain a mystery, Arad is presumed dead, and his burial spot remains unknown.

Recently, the Mossad conducted a complex operation inside Lebanon to extract DNA from a corpse in a small northern Lebanese village to determine if it was Ron Arad. Although the DNA test results have not yet been released, the Mossad and Prime Minister Bennett said the operation was a “courageous, daring and complex” mission. Israel tries very hard to bring the bodies of soldiers killed in action back from enemy lands to give them a proper burial in Israel and provide closure for their families.

Please pray that Ron Arad’s wife and family will have closure.

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Bible Study Picnic

(Illustrative/Source: Christin Hume/Unsplash)

The weather in Israel is still warm and we are receiving a large amount of sunshine. Therefore, we can still gather outside for meetings and get-togethers and sit in the comfortable breeze. This past Friday, a group of ladies met for brunch in a park. The group had not seen each other in person for three months, and everyone was happy for the live interaction. These ladies have been meeting for Zoom Bible studies in Hebrew and English during the pandemic and have grown close.

The in-person Bible study time was even sweeter! Everyone chatted, prayed for each other, ate nutritious food, and listened to the Word! We are grateful for opportunities to build up and bless the Body of Messiah—to listen, pray, and study the Word! May you have such opportunities as well!

Please pray that our future Bible studies will encourage many people and help them grow spiritually.