Inside Israel

Israel Finally Passes National Budget

The Knesset building in Jerusalem, Israel (Source: Wikimedia Commons / Chris Yunker)

After a thirty-five-hour session and the approval of some 800 bills, the Knesset passed Israel’s budget for 2022 in the early morning this past Friday. The coalition government who approved the budget incorporates eight distinct parties with different ideologies and preferences. Through hard work, they were still able to come together and give Israel an approved budget for the first time in three-and-a-half years.

Without an approved budget, the country would have gone to early elections. The working budget, however, gives Israel stability and economic recovery. This new budget reduces the cost of living by reforming sectors including healthcare, education, and agriculture.

Please pray that Israel’s leaders and lawmakers will have wisdom and guidance in governing the nation.

Israeli Military Holds Special Training Exercises

This blimp contains a radar system that can detect incoming missiles and drones. (Source: Israeli Defense Ministry)

The Israeli Defense Forces train to remain prepared for threats:

  • The United States and Israel are conducting a two-week joint special forces exercise in Israel’s south. According to the Israeli military, the troops “will train together in counter-terrorism forces, commando forces, and expose-attack forces, simulating warfare techniques in open and urban environments.”
  • Israeli Homefront Command sounded the sirens across the country in a preparedness drill. The minute-long siren brought back many fears and memories from the intense conflict in May. This drill was a part of a week-long exercise with the Israeli Defense Forces in training for possible conflict with Hezbollah, a proxy of Iran, in Israel’s north. Thousands of soldiers participated in unprecedented and extreme security scenarios, such as a rocket barrage from the north, enemy soldiers breaching the border, and cyber warfare. The yearly exercise was canceled last year due to the coronavirus pandemic, so it was crucial that the soldiers practice this year to stay ready and trained.
  • In a move to increase aerial defenses, Israel will launch a massive high-altitude surveillance balloon over the northern part of the country. The balloon will carry advanced missile and aircraft detection systems to sense drones, long- and short-range missiles, and rockets from southern Lebanon. Israel fears that, in future years, the simple rockets from Hezbollah will be replaced with more sophisticated Iranian long-range and drone attack systems.

Please pray for Israeli military leadership and the troops as they train and prepare to react quickly and safely in conflict.

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Old Syrian Bunker Found in the Golan Heights

These shells were found in the old Syrian bunker in the Golan Heights (Source: Israeli Defense Ministry)

During a mine-clearing operation, the Defense Ministry discovered a Syrian underground bunker left after the Six-Day War in 1967. This bunker is near a memorial for fallen Israeli soldiers in the Golan Heights. It was still filled with mortar shells, flares, and explosives used to target Israelis in the nearby Hula Valley. The Defense Ministry will continue to clear the area of landmines so the population may once again walk around freely.

Please pray that the land mines in the Golan Heights will be removed safely.

Wonderful Events for Our Tel Aviv Community

A pre-pandemic event at our Ramat Gan center

One of our Chosen People Ministries—Israel workers, who is also a trained tour guide, recently led a walking tour of Jaffa. During this tour, the group was told about Jaffa’s biblical significance, and we had a great time of questions and answers. We hope to host more tours for believers and not-yet believers. What a great way to spend some time together, learning about Israel from the Scriptures and how the Bible is still relevant and important in our lives today—what a great start to someone’s spiritual journey!

Also, we will soon have a picnic for believers to invite their not-yet-believing friends. More than fifty have signed up so far. We are very excited to be able to have fellowship and share with one another, as well as convey the Messiah’s love in relational ways!

Please pray with us for these events and others we hope to have!