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Israeli Defense Forces Integrate People with Autism

Israel Defense Force soldiers in 2015 (Source: Flickr/Israel Defense Forces)

By the end of 2022, Israel plans to recruit 500 soldiers into the Israeli Defense Forces who are on the autism spectrum. Since military service is a major unifying force among Israelis, encouraging people with autism to join the army allows them to better connect with Israeli society.

There are currently fifty autistic soldiers in the TITKADMU program, which provides them with mentors, helps them integrate into military life, and finds roles that are appropriate for their abilities. Those in the program usually excel in their roles and gain valuable skills they can take into life and the workforce after their army service. TITKADMU was started by Captain Udi Heller, Israel’s highest-ranking soldier with autism.

Please pray for the TITKADMU program and for the success and achievements people with autism can bring to the Israeli Defense Forces.

Knesset Proposes Term Limits for Prime Ministers

The Knesset during the winter time (Source: Wikimedia Commons/אני)

Israeli Parliament unanimously voted to propose term limits for prime ministers. The draft bill states that a prime minister can only serve for eight consecutive years and then must step down. This bill must now pass three Knesset plenum readings in order to become law. The law would not apply retroactively—meaning former prime ministers can still run for office again.

The Knesset member who brought forth the bill, Gideon Sa’ar, said “Prolonged rule is a danger to the freedom of the nation and to the morality of its sons. It breeds corruption. . . . Term limits, in lieu of a limitless term, are an important principle at the foundation of the perception that the government works for the wellbeing of the citizens instead of itself and its survival. We will continue to strengthen Israel as a Jewish and democratic state.”

Please pray that those who lead and guide the land of Israel will seek to do good for the sake of the people.

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Dry, Sandy Conditions Cause Wildfires and Pollution

A damaged home in northern Israel (Source: Israel Police)

Israel is experiencing extremely dry and hot weather as the rains are arriving later than usual this fall. The Israel Parks Authority closed many trails and national parks this past weekend because of the dry, volatile environment. Still, some forest fires did break out. In northern Israel, 100 households were evacuated. Fifteen firefighting teams and six airplanes put out the flames.

Similar though smaller situations occurred across the country. After extinguishing the fires, officials suspect that two of these fires were caused by arson. Israel was also blanketed with a sandstorm and high winds from Jordan and Saudi Arabia, making visibility very low. The sand particles create high levels of pollution and are dangerous, especially for pregnant women, children, the elderly, and those with heart or lung conditions.

Please keep the firefighters in prayer who work so hard to keep the country safe.

Also pray for those who struggle to breathe during sandstorms.

Isaiah 53 Explained Read Two Years Ago and Now . . .

Isaiah 53 Explained in Hebrew

Two years ago, Rivka* received and read Isaiah 53 Explained. She had questions and was still resistant. Someone from our Israeli team recently met with her after such a long time . . . and this time she was open! She prayed for Jesus to show Himself to her. Afterward, she took a Bible and asked for prayer.

Please pray with us for Rivka and others like her who are questioning, open, and interested to hear about Jesus the Messiah!

*Name changed