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Aura Herzog Laid to Rest

Funeral service for Aura Herzog (Source: Spokesperson Unit of the President of Israel)

Aura Herzog, the wife of Israel’s sixth president, Chaim Herzog, and mother of Israel’s current president, Isaac Herzog, passed away last week at the age of ninety-seven. She was born in Egypt after her parents were expelled from Jaffa by the Turks during World War I. After completing a degree in physics and math in South Africa, she immigrated to Israel in 1946 and joined the Hagana, the precursor to the Israeli Defense Forces. She married Chaim Herzog in 1947. During the War of Independence in 1948, she served as a soldier in Military Intelligence and later in the Science Corps. She was severely wounded in a bombing at Jerusalem’s National Institutions House.

Her love for Israel led her to launch several councils, charities, and contests that supported the country’s well-being and are still active today. These activities helped her husband as he served in a public role. Her family, the State of Israel, and hospitality were among her highest priorities. Prime Minister Bennett said, she was “a public figure and social activist who loved her people and country. She lived humbly and raised a family to be proud of, while constantly working for the public and Israeli society.”

Please pray for the Herzog family as they mourn the loss of their mother.

COVID-19 Continues To Sweep Across Israel

A “sorry we’re closed” sign in Israel (Source: Tim Mossholder/Unsplash)

Several members of the Knesset have tested positive for coronavirus in the past week. The highest-ranking members, Yesh Atid’s Yair Lapid and Yisrael Beiteinu’s Avigdor Lieberman, are among those who are sick. Two top generals have also tested positive as COVID-19 infects the Israel Defense Forces. As of last Tuesday, more than 6,000 military personnel and civilian employees contracted COVID-19.

The military has canceled special training exercises for reservists until the end of the month. It is also limiting leave for combat soldiers to make sure there are always enough healthy soldiers, if the need arises. Finally, there are more than 200,000 school children in isolation after testing positive or coming in contact with someone who tested positive. Nationwide, forty percent of classrooms have at least one infected student. In response, many schools are turning to remote learning.

Please pray for the public’s health during this massive COVID-19 surge. 

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Israel Said To Give Natural Gas to Lebanon

Oil drilling rig in the Noa gas field (Source: אורי כפיר/Wikimedia Common)

Lebanon is facing a deepening economic crisis. The value of their currency has dropped ninety percent. Fuel shortages have led to crippling power cuts and long waits at gas stations. Some unnamed sources say that Israel has signed a deal to provide fuel to Lebanon via Jordan and Syria. This project will require extending a gas line that flows from Syria to Lebanon—a task that may take several years. The natural gas will come from Israel’s Leviathan oil rig off Israel’s coast. Last year, Hezbollah in Iran agreed to provide oil to Lebanon. Therefore, the United States and Russia may have coordinated this agreement with Israel so that Lebanon does not have to rely on Iran.

Please pray that this unique tie between Israel and Lebanon helps bolster unity and friendship.

Prayer for Health and Safety

Buildings in Jerusalem (Source: Zach Camp/Unsplash)

Please pray for the staff of Chosen People Ministries—Israel’s health and safety as COVID-19 surges through the country. At this point, there is no place that has not been infected. Everyone knows someone who was exposed or is currently sick. We are spending our time checking up on our neighbors, friends, those we are ministering to, and people in our congregations. It is a struggle now to stay strong, but we know that the Lord is our strength in times of weakness.

Please pray for Israel’s peace and salvation. The Lord alone is the giver of life everlasting!