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Snow in Jerusalem

Snow in Jerusalem (Source: Ilanit Ohana/Unsplash)

Snow blanketed Jerusalem last week, covering palm trees, the Western Wall, and other iconic places throughout the city. It was a beautiful site. Some people even headed outdoors to have snowball fights or build snowmen. Jerusalem rarely receives a significant amount of snow. As a result of this storm, schools were closed, public transportation (except the light rail) stopped, and the two major roads leading in and out of the city were closed for several hours. The same storm, “Elpis,” had swept through Greece and Turkey earlier in the week causing similar conditions. Meanwhile, the storm dumped many inches of snow on locations with higher elevation, including Mount Hermon. Rain and wind swept through the rest of the country making for extremely cold nights.

Praise God for the beautiful gift of snow in Jerusalem and other northern parts of Israel. In the Middle East, it is a delight to see and feel the snow, if just for a short time.

President Herzog Visits United Arab Emirates

President Herzog and First Lady Michal Herzog flew to the United Arab Emirates, landing in Abu Dhabi for two days of meetings and visits. While there, he will meet with the nation’s de facto leader, Crown Prince Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed (known at MBZ) and other key political and business leaders. He will also meet with influential members of the Jewish community and open “Israel Day” at the 2020 World Expo in Dubai. The visit was scheduled despite a drone attack against the United Arab Emirates launched earlier this month by Iran-backed Houthi rebels in Yemen. Prime Minister Naftali Bennett of Israel has asked Israeli intelligence to assist the Emirates in defending against future threats. Bennett and Foreign Minister Yair Lapid have also visited the United Arab Emirates. Bennett has extended a warm invitation to bin Zayed to visit Israel.

Please pray for continued warm relations and mutual trust between Israel and the United Arab Emirates, a very important ally in the Middle East.

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Update on Holocaust Survivors in Israel

This past week, the world commemorated International Holocaust Remembrance Day. There are currently 165,800 Holocaust survivors living in Israel. Their average age is 85 years. More than 31,000 of them are 90 or older, and 950 survivors are more than 100 years old! Sadly, over the past year, 15,324 have passed away—a rate of 42 dear ones per day. Interestingly, the city of Haifa has the most Holocaust survivors with a total of 11,300, followed closely by Jerusalem with 10,300 and Tel Aviv with 8,900. The Holocaust Survivors’ Rights Authority, a government agency, aims to reach out to each survivor and assist with any needs they may have.

Please pray for these dear souls to find the hope and peace that is in Messiah Jesus!

Our Meaningful Work in Israel among Holocaust Survivors

Chosen People Ministries—Israel staff member Maxim Katz (left) speaks with a Holocaust survivor

One element of our work in Israel is dedicated to connecting with and blessing Holocaust survivors with the message of salvation found in Jesus. We have a team of dedicated workers who spend a lot of time, prayer, and effort in helping to make the survivors’ lives be full of dignity and hope in their last days. Our team has a list of 6,000 people whose lives they have the opportunity to bless by organizing various meetings, concerts, and holiday celebrations. We have also been providing medical equipment and even offering art therapy. Last month, we gave out thirty much-needed walkers and other medical devices. Sometimes we can help ease the burden of paying the high cost of electricity to heat their homes during this especially cold winter. Despite the pandemic, we safely visited 1,000 people in their homes last year. That psychological boost helped encourage and renew their hearts and minds.

Please pray with us that, as we touch people’s lives with hope, we can strengthen their minds and hearts by sharing with them the love and truths found in Jesus the Messiah.