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Spike in Aliyah Requests from Ukraine

Map of Ukraine (Source: Nico Smit/Unsplash)

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought turmoil and hardship to the Ukrainian people. Many are fleeing, many more are fighting and finding ways to protect their families. Ukraine is home to around 200,000 Jewish people, and many of them are considering making aliyah to Israel. Making aliyah means a Jewish person receives automatic citizenship as they move to Israel through the Law of Return.

An estimated 2,500 Jewish people from Ukraine have already asked to immigrate to Israel. The Israeli government is expecting thousands of Jewish people to arrive in Israel from Ukraine over the next few weeks. In all of 2021, 3,100 Ukrainian Jews made aliyah. Israel now plans to welcome in thousands more.

Please pray for security for the people of Ukraine and for Jewish people from Ukraine seeking safety in Israel.

Israel Reopens Borders to Tourists

Israel Reopens Borders to Tourists – El Al airplane (Source: b1-foto/Pixabay)

After two long years, Israeli skies will reopen to everyone—vaccinated and unvaccinated—starting on March 1. Israel has largely barred tourists since the pandemic began. This policy has decimated the tourism industry, one of Israel’s main sources of income. Everyone in the industry is eager to see tourists come and experience Israel’s fantastic land and history.

Tourists need to have two negative PCR tests: one before boarding the flight and one upon arrival in Israel. The reopening comes ahead of the Purim and Passover holidays, which are important times for families to gather and rejoice together. As the infection rate in Israel decreases, the government will likely ease other restrictions soon.

Praise God that people can now come back to Israel and experience the Bible in a whole new way!

Read more at “Haaretz”. . .

Israel Conducts Study on Oxygen Therapy

Israel Conducts Study on Oxygen Therapy –  Oxygen tank and meter (Source: blickpixel/Pixabay)

In a recent study from Tel Aviv University, researchers treated Israeli veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder with concentrated oxygen therapy. This study has shown dramatic results. After sixty sessions in a hyperbaric oxygen chamber, half of the participants made such good progress they were deemed not to have post-traumatic stress disorder anymore. A hyperbaric, or pressurized, oxygen chamber enables a patient to breathe pure oxygen for a certain period of time.

The lead researcher explained that increased oxygen allows wounds in the brain tissue to heal. It leads to new blood vessels and increased brain activity, restoring the functionality of wounded tissue. The study group included former Israeli soldiers who continued to suffer from symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder despite medication and psychiatric therapies.

Please pray for healing and peace for those who have suffered intense trauma in their lives and for the doctors who are seeking new ways to treat them.

Urgent Plea for Prayer for the People of Ukraine

Urgent Plea for Prayer for the People of Ukraine – A protestor in England holds a “Pray for Ukraine” sign (Source: Chuko Cribb/Unsplash)

This week, we ask you to join us in prayer for Ukraine.

  • Pray for God’s wisdom upon Ukrainian leadership.
  • Pray for protection for the people—especially in targeted areas.
  • Pray specifically for the Lord’s safeguarding of the roughly 200,000 Jewish people in Ukraine. They could be subject to the antisemitism of an invading regime.
  • Pray for the continued movement of the Holy Spirit in the hearts of the unbelieving Jewish people of Ukraine. We have already seen much fruit over the last thirty years.

Please also continue to pray for peace in the land, safety for those Chosen People Ministries has been serving, and that God’s hand of mercy will permeate the region.