Inside Israel

Israel Launches Its Largest Military Training Drill

Israel Defense Force soldiers (Source: Unsplash/Levi Meir Clancy)

After a year-long delay, Israel’s military is conducting its largest-ever military exercise. This operation, called the “Chariots of Fire,” began on Sunday and will last an entire month. Thousands of personnel from all military branches are taking part in the month-long drill. “Chariots of Fire” will simulate a multi-front war against Israel’s enemies in the air, sea, land, and cyberspace. Every unit will participate.

The Israel Defense Force wants to improve its overall readiness and see how its troops respond in a long and powerful campaign against enemy forces. The military also wants to identify any gaps in logistics and firepower that could arise in a war, especially in a transition from peaceful routines to full emergency scenarios. The drill will also improve cooperation and dialogue between the military, government ministries, and civilian leadership.

Please pray for Israel’s military leadership as they guide the soldiers through this important drill and for the protection of the entire nation.

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Israeli Muslim Appointed to Israel’s Supreme Court

Israel recently swore in the first Muslim Israeli supreme court justice, Khaled Kabub. All previous Arab Israeli justices were Christians. Justice Kabub previously served as vice president of the Tel Aviv district court. He began working as a judge in Netanya in 1997. His most well-known case involved convicting corrupt former billionaire Nochi Dankner.

The supreme court appointed Kabub to replace Neal Hendel, who is retiring. Three other new justices were sworn in this month. In total, eighty-two judges were sworn in for various court positions at a special ceremony at President Herzog’s residence.

Please pray for Justice Kabub and others like him as they strive for justice in the trials they oversee.

Israel to Possibly Join Firefighting Hub

Flag of Israel’s Fire Department (Source: Wikimedia Commons/רונאלדיניו המלך)

Every summer, Israel, Greece, and Cyprus experience horrific wildfires due to their dry and arid climates. The three countries are considering creating a firefighting hub aimed at quickly putting out summer wildfires that could devastate the land. A wildfire can rapidly spread across any of these small countries.

Working together will speed up the dispatching of assistance, like firefighting teams, gear, and aircraft to dump water on the site. The three countries also talked about more cooperation for counterterrorism, climate change, energy, and the economy. Possible alternatives to Russian gas were also a major concern.

Please pray for the safety and security of the citizens and the land of these three countries against wildfires.

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A Conversation with an Ultra-Orthodox Israeli

Orthodox Jewish men in Jerusalem (Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Levi Meir Clancy)

One of our workers in Israel recently had a wonderful opportunity to share about the Lord with someone who was seeking hope and peace:

Recently, an ultra-Orthodox young man contacted me on social media. He asked if we could meet in Jerusalem. The young man told me that he was going through a rough patch in his life and that the Jewish religion and tradition, even with all its beauty, were unable to provide answers to his existential questions.

I just listened to him for most of the conversation. At the end, I offered to pray for him. After my prayer, I saw a smile on his face. I invited him to our congregation in Tel Aviv. His family lives in Jerusalem, and he was delighted to hear that there is a Messianic congregation in Tel Aviv.

He is still hesitant to visit a congregation in Jerusalem because he is afraid that someone from his family will see him visiting the congregation and excommunicate him. The young man keeps the Sabbath, which begins at sunset on Friday. Our official congregational services are on Friday evenings. According to Orthodox Judaism, driving is prohibited on the Sabbath. So, he booked a room to stay in so that he could attend our service! He listened attentively during the service, and afterward, I talked to him about the fulfillment of biblical prophecies in the life of Jesus the Messiah.

Praise God for this young man’s openness to hear about the Messiah and courage to attend the Messianic congregation! Please pray that he receives answers to his questions in Jesus!