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Israel Opens World’s Largest Emergency Room

(Illustrative/Source: Unsplash/Olga Kononenko)

Last month, the world’s largest emergency room opened in Israel. The 86,000-square-foot facility in Tel Aviv was designed for both regular emergency needs and an influx of injuries from war or terror. One hundred inpatient emergency room beds can be doubled if needed. Canadian-Israeli citizen Sylvan Adams donated 28 million dollars to this effort. Israel is naming the emergency room in his honor.

The hospital is extremely high-tech. Patients who are able can check themselves in and do self-triage with an automated system that checks temperature, blood pressure, pulse, and oxygen levels. Results go directly to the hospital computer system that will immediately notify staff of any especially urgent cases. Moving robots will guide patients to the department they need. An app will provide real-time updates on their tests, results, and treatment.

Praise God for such innovation and opportunity to give care for those who are sick and injured.

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Drones Integral in Latest Gaza War

An IAI Eitan drone at the Tel Nof airbase in early August 2022. (Source: Israel Defense Forces)

During Israel’s three-day battle, August 3–6, with Palestinian Islamic Jihad (PIJ) in Gaza, Israel heavily relied on their fleet of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) and drones. These tools helped with surveillance and taking out targets. Altogether, the Israel Defense Force struck 170 targets, including 17 observation posts, 45 rocket and mortar launching sites, 8 military camps, 8 weapon caches, 6 weapon production facilities, an attack tunnel, and 2 key PIJ leaders. The drones logged more than 2,000 hours of flight time across some 100 sorties.

Some of these sorties ensured areas were clear of civilians before a targeted attack from an IDF fighter jet. Israel delayed several planned attacks to avoid injuring non-combatants. During the 66-hour Operation Breaking Dawn, around 1,110 rockets were launched at Israel. The Iron Dome intercepted 96 percent of them. According to Israeli military information, an estimated 200 rockets fell short of Israel landing inside the Gaza Strip or at sea. There was damage to civilian structures, and 70 Israelis were injured either by shrapnel or running to bomb shelters.

Please pray for a lasting ceasefire on the border between Gaza and Israel.

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Turkey and Israel Renew Diplomatic Ties

The flags of Turkey and Israel (Source:

Israel and Turkey have renewed full diplomatic ties in the hopes that they will contribute to growth in economic, trade, cultural ties and strengthen regional stability. The countries will exchange ambassadors and consuls for the first time since 2018. Relations between the two countries went sour after a 2010 Israeli commando raid on a Turkish flotilla attempting to break the Gaza blockade killed ten Turkish activists. Prime Minister Netanyahu issued an official apology, but by then, there was no diplomatic chance for restoration. President Isaac Herzog visited Turkey’s capital in March. He received a full military procession, which seems to have contributed to the recent events.

In July, both countries worked hard to keep Iranian terrorists from kidnapping and killing Israeli tourists. The attempted terrorist plot seemed to be a revenge attack by Iran for Israel’s killing of a high-ranking Iranian military figure in May. Turkish leadership may have agreed to the alliance in part because they want to develop a gas pipeline from Israel to Turkey to reduce Turkish reliance on Russian gas.

Please pray that this strategic regional alliance will grow and bless the region.

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Summer Winds Down

Tel Aviv, Israel (Source: Unsplash/Marat Badykov)

As the summer is winding down and many of our workers are returning from either a short vacation or a special summer mission project, please pray for us as we set our eyes on the next few weeks. The Jewish high holidays start at the end of September. With them come many opportunities to serve the community, share individually, and pray for people across Israel, especially that they would see and understand that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah! Will you pray with us? We are looking forward to the coming weeks of planning and preparation.

Please pray that the Lord will guide and direct our staff in how to reach out.